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John Sinclair Seeds 5 fem

John Sinclair Seeds
Amsterdam Skunk 5 fem

Amsterdam Skunk 5 fem

This is the right Skunk from the good old times as this great strain made a revolution on the market - Amsterdam Skunk by John Sinclair is a very...

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John Sinclair Seeds
Trans Love aka John Sinclair Sativa 5 fem

Trans Love aka John Sinclair Sativa 5 fem

A superb Sativa called John Sinclair Sativa (or Trans-Love) is a highquality cannabisstrain with an amzing tropical smell you will never forget. It is a...

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John Sinclair Seeds
Viper 5 fem

Viper 5 fem

Viper is very powerful, a very nice medical mostly Indica which is easy to grow and recommended for indoors and outdoors as well. The smell is an awesome...

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Sale: € 31,32

John Sinclair Seeds
White Panther 5 fem

White Panther 5 fem

White Panther is better known as White Smurf which is a multiple award winner of the High Times Cup. It was renamed to White Panther to honor of John...

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John Sinclair is one of the founder of the antiracist party called White Panther which was founded in the year 1968, he is also a well known hempactivist who fights for legalization of marijuana for many years now. Furthermore he is also a producer of superb cannabisseeds of highest quality. In his product range you can find a few very interesting cannabisgenetics that blows the gardeners mind. Together with the well known and highly respected breeder Ceres, he has developed great varieties with the special touch many grower are searching for. John Sinclair offers one of the best Skunks on the market - it is a great oldschool Skunk with a smell and bouquet which is quiet rare nowadays and also the other seeds are great as well.

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