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Welcome at the Cannapot Seedshop where you can order the best weed seeds online very easy! You will find a lot of different products at our store produced by worlds best breeders. If you want to grow marijuana and your own weed with the best pot seeds possible, check out our range of great high quality cannabis seeds. We offer feminized cannabis seeds, regular seeds, automatic genetics, semiautoflowering strains, outdoorseeds and also CBD weed.

We offer famous producers of seeds as well as small enterprises, rare gems and true jewels. You can order thousands of different weedseeds 24h a day - all products are stored perfectly in industrial refrigerators and you can be sure got get the best quality possible. So check out and find your marijuana seed bank that suits to your needs, buy seeds now at Cannapot where you find the best seed banks online. 

Is it legal to buy weed seeds online?

Yes of course, these kind of seeds are not illegal to send across Europe, the business with marihuana seeds is no problem here in Austria and in Spain, where our stores are located. So everything in our seedshop is absolutely lawful...

Of course there are different laws in every country so please check by yourself what you do – an order at the Cannapot Seedshop is definitely not prohibited and allowed. But what is allowed in your country? You need to check it by yourself but here are a few informations about some countries.

Order weed seeds in United Kingdom

It is not prohibited in the UK to buy, sell or trade regular and feminized marijuana seeds, we offer the most famous seed banks from all around the world. But it is very important to purchase from reputable sellers to avoid discussions about germination because in the UK it is not allowed to buy 'with intent'. The cause is simple: in the United Kingdom it is not allowed that you germinate the seeds. But you can order them legally, check out our marijuana seeds for sale.

Buy marijuana seeds in Italy

In the beautiful country of Italy, the seeds are just cultivation equipement so it is very easy if you want to buy lowryder seeds, feminized medical seeds or regular seeds. But also in Italy it is the same way as it is in the United Kingdom, the germination is still not allowed so get your seeds from well known sellers that offer a very good quality!

It is also possible to buy cannabis seeds online in France

France is very unusual and unique, in France all seeds like Automatic Fast Bud Seeds or any other breeder (for example the Greenhouse Seed Companywe offer at our shop, are not prohibited as long as the seeds are not used for growing weed. All grower in France can order seeds from another country in the European Union without any problem.

Seeds USA, Canada and rest of America - Cannapot is the best place to buy

If you live in the United States or in Canada you should check your federal laws, the governments changed a lot of things in the last years. In some areas the seeds are not prohibited and absolutely allowed – so you should check by yourself what you are allowed do. We send the seeds worldwide, so it is up to you if you want to order cannabis seeds at our seedshop.

South America is an interesting part of the world, a lot of the countries are going to legalize marihuana and also weedseeds. For example Uruguay has done a lot the past years to legalize it, other states (like Costa Rica or Chile) are also interested in going the same way. As said, we send worldwide so we can also support customers in South America.

Feminized seeds in New Zealand or Australia?

A delivery to these states is not a problem, most (or maybe all) grower in New Zealand or Australia love to order feminized seeds online and the Cannapot Seedshop is a very good source for an order, if you life in one of those two countries!

As told, we send worldwide, wherever you are located, you can buy the weedseeds online very easy and fast at our cannabis seed online shop. We send it wherever you want, also if you want to get the seeds delivered to Uganda, Burundi, New Caledonia or Thailand...we do. We are also working on a plan to get the seeds to Kurrekurre Islands but till today we did not find a way, sorry Pipi! We include bonusseeds with every order, if you want to get cheap marijuana seeds, you will also find these high-quality marijuana seeds at our shop.

CBD Hempseeds, Buy medical cannabis seeds online - cannabidiol, industrial seeds

We offer discounts on seeds

The best high-quality weed seeds can be cheap as well - we think that quality is not automatically expensive, if you want to get cheap cannabisseeds have a look at Bulk Seeds, this breeder offers a lot of different strains, cheap weed seeds with a good quality. At our shop we also have a section for reduced weedseeds, at this section you’ll find a nice selection of discounted marijuanaseeds that we offer. We have many cheap cannabisseeds for sale created by many breeders from all around the world – here you can get a bargain or two and, as said before, you will always get free test seeds with your delivery.

You get free seeds to grow marijuana

When you order we always include gratis seeds that fit to your order as good as possible. So if most of your order includes automatic genetics, we include autoflower seeds for free. If you order regular seeds, we include regular free cannabis seeds. When you buy feminized seeds, you will get female seeds - we always try to send you the right seeds that you will enjoy. But just to let you know: you can not choose which premium marijuana seeds we send as bonus, we choose them by ourself cause all freebies that are on stock, change permanently.

CBD seeds created by the best seed banks

If you want to receive weed seeds that produce cannabis strains with a lot of CBD, have a look at our big range of CBD Seeds! Here you can search for your personal favourite strain that offers the right amount of cannabidiol for you, so if you want to buy medical CBD cannabisseeds this is the right section. Medical weed was used thousands of years before and many states all around the world start now again to allow the use of medical marijuana again.

Payment and shipping

We are very proud that we can offer the most important payment methods – paying with your credit or debit card is one of it, we are one of the few onlineshop to buy weed seeds, where you can pay with Mastercard or Visa. Of course you can also do a bank transfer, pay with Bitcoins or RIA. If you want, you can also send us a registered letter with cash, this is very anonymous. And last but not least, we will offer you G-Pay and Apple-Pay soon, we will be one of those rare onlineshops that sell cannabis seeds that will offer these two great types of payment.

We make every effort to ship your weed seeds as soon as we can the packaging ensures that its contents are protected from physical damage that you get the seeds in best condition. All orders are send in unmarked envelopes, you won't see anything related to cannabis outside. 

If you live in a country where it is not possible to find a shop that offers cannabis seeds for sale, or if you want to be hundred percent sure that you get a very discreet package of seeds, you can choose the stealth delivery. The seeds you purchase are then removed from the original packaging and you get it very discreet, so you can start to grow your own weed wherever you live. Also with a stealth delivery everyone get bonus seeds, so we include free seeds for every order that is done at our shop.

Lowryder seeds – automatic marijuana – autostrains - ruderalis

Final words before you order your pot seeds

Our big range of cannabis seeds are the best on the market, we offer high-quality seeds created only by reputable seed banks. Cannapot is one of the best online shops buy cannabis seeds and legal marihuana, we are providing high-quality seeds and you find the best cannabis seed banks online at our store! We wish you all the best and many thanks for your confidence - feel free to mail us if you have any questions.


Buying cannabis seeds from Cannapot at Seedshop is extremely easy: we offer a large selection of high quality seeds from many seed banks around the world. With the very comprehensive collection of first-class varieties, we enable our customers to acquire excellent genetics for their own cultivation. Whether for indoor, outdoor or for greenhouses: we offer you great cannabis varieties for all areas and look forward to your order.

Cannapot is the perfect place to buy marijuana seeds, buy marijuana seeds online now!


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