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Welcome at the Cannapot Hempshop where you can order cannabis seeds online very easy! You will find a lot of different marijuana seeds online at our store produced by worlds best breeders. We offer famous producers of seeds as well as small enterprises, rare gems and true jewels. You can order thousands of different weed seeds 24h a day - all products are stored perfectly in industrial refrigerators and you can be sure got get the best quality possible.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online?

Yes of course, these kind of seeds are not illegal to send across Europe, the business with marihuana seeds is legal in Austria and in Spain where our stores are located. So everything in our seedshop is absolutely lawful...

Of course there are different laws in every country so please check by yourself what you do – an order at the Cannapot Seedshop is definitely not prohibited and allowed. But what is allowed in your country? You need to check it by yourself but here are a few informations about some countries.

Marijuana seeds online in the US and South America

If you live in the United States or in Canada you should check your federal laws, the governments changed a lot of things in the last years. In some areas the seeds are legal and in other not – so you should check by yourself what you are allowed do. We send the seeds worldwide, so it is up to you if you want to order cannabis seeds at our seedshop.

South America is an interesting part of the world, a lot of the countries are going to legalize marihuana and also weedseeds. For example Uruguay has done a lot the past years to legalize it, other states (like Costa Rica or Chile) are also interested in going the same way. As said, we send worldwide so we can also support customers in South America.

Order weed seeds in United Kingdom

It is legal in the UK to buy, sell or trade regular or feminized marijuanaseeds but it is very important to purchase from reputable sellers to avoid discussions about germination because in the UK it is not allowed to buy 'with intent'. The cause is simple: in the United Kingdom it is not allowed that you germinate the seeds...

CBD Hempseeds, Buy medical cannabis seeds online - cannabidiol, industrial seeds

Weedseeds in Italy

In the beautiful country of Italy, seeds are just cultivation equipement so it is very easy if you want to buy lowryder seeds, feminized CBD seeds or regular seeds. But also in Italy it is the same way as it is in the United Kingdom, the germination is still an illegal act so get your seeds from well known sellers that offer a very good quality!

It is also possible to buy Cannabis Seeds Online in France

France is very unusual and unique, in France all seeds like Automatic Fast Bud Seeds or any other breeder (for example the Greenhouse Seed Companywe offer at our shop, are legal as long as the seeds are not used for growing cannabis. All grower in France can order seeds from another country in the European Union without any problem.

Lowryder seeds – automatic marijuana – autostrains - ruderalis

Is it legal to order cannabis seeds online in New Zealand or Australia?

Well, the seeds are not realy legal in those two countries, but a delivery to these states is for sure not a problem, most (or maybe all) grower in New Zealand or Australia order the cannabis seeds online and especially the Cannapot Hempshop is a very good source for an order if you life in one of those two countries!

As told, we send the seeds worldwide, wherever you are located, you can buy the marijuana seeds online very easy and fast at our cannabis seed online shop. We send it wherever you want, also if you want to get the seeds delivered to Uganda, Burundi, New Caledonia or Taiwan...we do. We are also working on a plan to get the seeds to Kurrekurre Islands but till today we did not find a way, sorry Pipi!

We wish you all the best and many thanks for your confidence - feel free to mail us if you have any questions!  

cannabisseeds worldwide delivery by Cannapot

What is the difference between hemp- and cannabis seeds?

Cannabis is the botanical name - hemp is the German name of the hemp plant, in this way there is no difference. Even if it is a genus of plants, there are numerous subspecies.

Which types of cannabis seeds exist?

Regardless of the countless different strains on the market, you can find the following classification:

Regular seeds
In nature there are both male and female plants - the sex is usually predetermined in the seed, but can change under certain circumstances due to environmental influences such as stress. Regular cannabis seeds can therefore be both female and male, usually in a balanced ratio of 50:50.

Feminized cannabisseeds
If only female plants are desired, special methods can be used to ensure that the seeds are guaranteed to be 99% feminine, as they did not receive any male genes during pollination. Many companies in the legal cannabis industry prefer these properties for production.

Automatic marijuanaseeds
This species contains genes from a subspecies (Cannabis Ruderalis) which starts to flower by itself at a certain point in time, regardless of the duration of lighting. This time is usually around 3-4 weeks after the germination, with the males usually blooming a little bit earlier in order to be able to pass on their pollen to the females early enough, that the plant can reproduce. Cannabis Ruderalis originates from northern latitudes, where summers are too short to allow a longer growth phase.

Cannabis indica has its origin in Central Asia - their relatively small and compact growth is characteristic. Indicas are subject to photoperiodism, they start to bloom when the days - and thus the duration of light - become shorter. Even if it is currently controversial among experts whether it is a separate species or a subspecies of Cannabis Sativa, it has typical properties that are highly valued by many stoners.


Cannabis Sativa occurs naturally, especially in the area around the equator - such as in Mexico, Jamaica or Thailand or on islands on the equator such as Reunion where the plants grow wild and reach enormous sizes. A sativa-typical characteristic is above all their stately height. Under ideal circumstances, sizes of up to 4 meters and more are possible in outdoor cultivation, some varieties (such as Thai-varieties) can even reach up to 6 meters, these plants are real trees!

Scotts OG – sativa cannabisseeds – order at Cannapot Hempshop

In hyprids, different subspecies of the cannabis family are crossed with one another. This allows you to combine the desired properties of different plants with each other and obtain new genetics, which combine the desired properties from two different plants in a new plant. Thus it is possible to influence the height, the aroma or the flowering time in a certain direction.


CBD hempseeds
This variant has become very popular, especially in recent years. Medical varieties in particular have been successfully bred to have a high amount cannabidiol and mostly low THC content in recent years, as most varieties on the market had only contained very small amounts of CBD up to then. Some CBD strains contain next to no other cannabinoids, but there are also hybrids in which the ratio is relatively balanced and pretty good. Many of these varieties can be grown legally in some countries, such as Switzerland, if the legal limits are observed.


Industrial hemp seeds
Industrial hemp seeds are varieties that are primarily used in the agricultural and commercial sectors. The THC content of these cultivars is so low that misuse of the plants for intoxicating purposes is fundamentally excluded. In the common catalog of varieties of the European Union, a list of low-THC variants (less than 0.2%) is published every year, in this list it is shown which starins are officially allowed to be grown in the EU. Traditionally, these plants are used for the production of fibers, ropes, paper, textiles, insulation materials and countless other hemp products, furthermore for flavorings, food from the seeds and leaves and in recent years especially for the production of CBD products. Selected useful hemp plants, which have a high CBD content, and at the same time a fragrant aroma, are often used for the production of Cannabidiol flowers.

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