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If you search for the best cannabis seeds for sale, check out our online seed shop to grow cannabis. We offer plenty of different genetics for your cultivation in your garden. At our online seed store you find a lot of cannabis seed banks that sell autoflowering seeds, regular genetics, feminized cannabis seeds, early harvest weed seeds and much more. 


In nature there are actually only regular hemp seeds, although of course there are always possible exceptions, nature teaches that it can create the strangest things. But actually every natural hemp is dioecious, which means that each plant has only one gender. These genders are either female or male, although sometimes a hermaphrodite can occur. As already mentioned, regular cannabis varieties produce either male or female flowering plants. The male pollen pollutes the female flower and this creates the seeds, which in turn form dioecious plants. If the gardener tries to obtain medicinal cannabis from regular seeds (which is permitted and very gladly done in many countries by license), he will try to remove the male plants immediately. Growers who do this are looking for sinsemilla, unfertilized female flowering plants that produce the most beneficial ingredients. Only a cannabis plant that is not pollinated can be used well and optimally as medical marijuana.


Of course you can also order feminized cannabis seeds her - feminized marijuana strains are not necessarily natural, they were first produced by Dutch Passion in the year 1998. This was a true revolution on the marijuana seed market! Dutch Passion has developed a method of manipulating the plants so that the seeds only produce female plants. This milestone allows the grower that every single plant will bring only the medicinally valuable product that they are seeking so hard. With feminized seeds, you save yourself the need to track down the sex, which in turn saves you the medium for the plants that you normally sort out anyway, and beginners and outdoor hunters in particular benefit immensely from this. There is no longer any need to take time for gender recognition, which means that the gardener spends much less time - especially guerrilla growers have a really great grow option with Femaleseeds. As with all plants, one thing is for sure: the more attention each individual plant receives during the grow, the quality rises.


A basic distinction is made between three different species of this plant family, there are of course also mixtures or hybrids but in nature only the following three species occur:

1.) Indica:Indica is the name given to the type of plant “Indian hemp” (called cannabis indica in technical jargon), although it is still controversial whether it is just a subspecies of cannabis sativa or whether it is a separate form of cannabis. In the parlance of gardeners and breeders, the term Indica is usually understood to mean the very densely branched and very broad-leaved plants that are used, for example, in Holland and Morocco for the production of hashish and marijuana. This type of cannabis is also used as an oil plant or as fiber hemp. In contrast to sativa varieties, the plants are rather short and broad in growth form, they are densely branched and more sturdy - this one is annual and in nature is basically dioecious.

2.) Sativa: this species is known as ordinary hemp or real hemp, it is an annual plant that is the opposite of Cannabis Indica in appearance. This species becomes much larger, can reach four to six meters (sometimes even more) and looks much more slim. Sativas need much longer to reach full maturity, so the really big strains grow near the equator where there are no cold seasons. In these areas, however, this genre needs considerably more time, but the final results are realy bombastic.

3.) In addition to Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, there is a third type of hemp, the so-called Ruderalis, which growers tend to call it "Lowryder" or under the names "Autostrain" or "Automatic strains". This genus was discovered late, the Russian botanist Dmitri Janischewski described Cannabis Ruderalis as the third species of the cannabis genus in the year 1924. This hemp is of small stature, so the production of fiber hemp doesn't really make sense, but it has been used in Russian and in the Mongolian area as folk medicine for centuries. Ruderalis is its own kind of hemp, ruderalis species occur naturally in Eastern Europe and Russia, and it is also very common in East Asia. It differs from the other species mainly in that it begins to flower automatically after a certain time. It doesn't matter whether the day brings twenty hours of light or only five hours of light: Ruderalis varieties are independent of the light cycle! Since the discovery of the "Joint Doctor Lowryder" in Canada, this type of hemp is becoming more valued and popular and we have our own section of feminized and regular auto varieties here in the Cannapot Seedshop!

Difference of Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis

Here at the Cannapot Seedstore we continue our relentless search all around the world for fantastic cannabis genetics. Our recent attention has been drawn to the U.S. West Coast, where some of the exciting new cannabis strains are being grown, aided by the widespread legalization in the area. These awe-inspiring exclusive cannabis seeds represent our latest work. They are an outcome of both our cooperation with native populations worldwide and our constant attempt for new and exciting genetic development. Make sure you check out these excellent achievements in cannabis breeding today.

At the Cannapot Hempshop, you can get a variety of cannabis seeds, such as 00 Seeds, Karma Genetics, Sensi Seeds, Dark Horse Genetics, Big Buddha Seeds, Rare Dankness, The Cali Connection or the Mr. Nice Seedbank to name just a few.

These high-yield and high-performance cannabis strains consist of varieties you can depend on to tip the balance when it comes to harvest. Take advantage of these highly potent and proven hybrids, lovingly created to bring you a cracking crop every time. Get your seeds today and watch some of the gigantic jewels in the cannabis world go to work for you!

You get only the latest and the best strains from marijuana seed breeders who have decades of experience and grown to the highest standard. If you are looking for Compound Genetics Seeds, Connoisseur Genetics, Dark horse Genetics or seeds from breeder Devils Harvest or more, we will be happy to offer you these seeds at our Hempshop, and that’s at the best and fairest price possible.

Indulge yourself in some of the world’s most mesmerizing cannabis genetics with Cannapot Hempshop. When you choose us, you choose for sure one the best sellers of seeds on the market. We send hundreds of shipments all across the globe every week. We use discreet, confidential packaging for marijuana seed delivery, we think that’s pretty neat and clean. Make sure you check out these rare and remarkable cannabis seeds online only at the Cannapot Seedshop - so buy marijuana seeds now, you will be satisfied!

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