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Kannabia is based in Granada (Al Andaluz in Spain) providing super feminized cannabisseeds for medical user, for outdoorgrower and indoorgrower. It is one of the breeders who have a good listen to customer preferences and thats the cause why all the hempseeds are offering an amazing quality. They are also now in medical seeds, strains like BCN Diesel CBD, White Domina CBD or Mataro Blue CBD have enormous medical power and they are easy to grow so for sure recommended also for people who do not have any knowledge in growing marijuanaseeds. Kannabia have strains for indoors and outdoors and also automatic seeds - for example Mataro Blue is a well known strain and one of the best selling type of cannabisseeds for many years now. Baby Boom Automatic is one the most easy plants for grower showing always amazing results and there are many more different cannabisstrains the grower should no miss in his collection.

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Mixtio #1 3.50 € ~ 9 h
Tahoe OG 12.50 € ~ 2 d
Jedi Glue 9.50 € ~ 2 d
SFV OG Kush 10.50 € ~ 3 d
Granddad's Lavender 6.00 € ~ 3 d
Blueberry OG Wreck 5.00 € ~ 3 d
Granddaddy Purple 7.50 € ~ 3 d
Glue Cookies 20.50 € ~ 3 d
Grüne Brille 20.00 € ~ 4 d
Sour Lemon Haze 41.00 € ~ 5 d
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