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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Choose the best Feminized Cannabis Seeds online

Of course you can order feminized weed seeds here at Cannapot - we offer cannabis varieties from many manufacturers and breeders. At the Cannapot Seedshop you will find high-quality feminized cannabis seeds, autoflower seeds, CBD seeds, outdoor cannabisseeds and of course of the latest weedseeds on the market. 

If you're a grower looking to buy cannabis seeds online, you'll find a wide selection of feminized cannabis seeds for sale, we have the best feminized seeds from well-know breeders from all around the world. These seeds are bred specifically to produce only female cannabis plants, ensuring high quality results. Feminized seeds have become increasingly popular among growers due to their ease of cultivation and guaranteed results. When using the seeds to grow cannabis, you can skip the hassle of identifying and removing male plants, as they will only produce female plants that are essential for production. So you can start growing marijuana even if you do not have any experience. We offer genetics for new grower that are a suited for an easy grow, as well as genetics for experienced people that search for the best cannabis seeds.

The genetics are carefully selected to ensure desirable traits such as high THC and CBD levels, as well as specific characteristics like the indica or sativa dominance. Whether you prefer the uplifting effects of a sativa strain or the relaxing properties of an indica, there are feminized seed strains available to suit your preferences. Popular strains like OG Kush or Skunk are well known for its potent effects and resin production, are readily available in feminized form.

feminized marijuana seeds for sale at Cannapot Seedshop

Feminized Cannabis Seeds for sale - Indica, Sativa, Autoflowering & CBD

Since the purchase of cannabis seeds is legal in many countries, more and more people are buying leading-edge seeds. Feminized marijuana seeds are highly recommended for beginners and experts, with these seeds you can be sure that you nearly have only female plants in your garden - 99 % of the plants from these seeds, are female. As the first seed bank, Dutch Passion determined feminized marihuana seeds in the early 1990s that the ambitious grower does not have any unwanted plants in his garden.

In addition to Dutch passion, the grower Paradise Seeds is one of the most successful producers, Paradise was founded in 1994 by Luc Krol and immediately focused on developing female seeds. Paradise Seeds offers a large selection of varieties for beginners and experts! You also should not forget the famous team of Greenhouse Seeds – in the early days they had male plant seeds and feminized weed seeds but now they only produced female weed seeds. And not to forget the enterprise called Femaleseeds, a fantastic breeder with a lot of great feminized strains for cannabis growing.

Fast Bud Genetics also has a large range and and a lot of varieties, this grower is specialized in producing automatic feminized weedseeds – only automatic strains are sold by Fast Bud Genetics, all the strain of this cannabis seed bank offer an amazing quality with very good THC levels!

You can find all types of cannabis in our online shop, we offer Indica, Sativa, Autoflowering (Ruderalis) and also CBD strains. Indoor Seeds as well as outdoorseeds can be ordered at Cannapot, we deliver fast and discreet, worldwide!

How to see if your plant is male or female?

You can find out easily when you watch the following video produced by netherlands legendary breeder Sensi Seeds!

Difference Between Male and Female - regular Seeds & feminized Seeds

Cannabis only shows its final gender when the flowering phase begins, then the gardener can see whether a plant is female or male. Within the first two to three weeks of flowering, marijuana plants reveal their specific gender, an Indica usually starting to flower faster than Sativas.

This applies to 'normal' varieties of marijuana and autoflower varieties (Ruderalis). With normal (not automatic) varieties, the bloom begins when the plant gets at least twelve hours of darkness, with outdoor varieties this is usually in August or September and with indoor varieties the gardener can decide for himself when to initiate the part of flowering.

Ruderalis varieties, i.e. automatic varieties, are an exception: this type of cannabis automatically begins the phase of flowering after a few weeks, the determining factor is not the light, but the age.

In any case, it is not difficult for the grower to see what gender the cannabis plant is. The following two graphics clearly illustrate which plant is female and which plant is male.

A female cannabis plant:weibliche cannabisspflanze hanfsamen cannapot
A male cannabis plant:
männliche hanfplanze - male cannabis -cannapot hanfshop

How to create and produce the best Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A special process is used in the production of feminized seeds - every plant that emerges from these seeds is 99 % female, so the grower can be 99 % sure to get sinsemilla plants of best qualty. There are basically three different ways to produce these seeds:

Silver thiosulfate method

Breeders like to use this method, which involves hormonally stressing a female cannabis plant during the flowering phase. This is done by spraying the plants with a silver thiosulphate solution (STS). The male pollen from these plants is then used to pollinate female flowering plants. The pollinated plants then form seeds within a few weeks, from which 99 % female plants emerge.

Colloidal Silver Method

Colloidal silver (also known as so-called silver water) can also be used to produce feminized marihuana seeds, the silver water helps the processed plant to inhibit the production of ethylene. Hemp plants require the production of ethylene so that flowers develop and at the same time the use of colloidal silver promotes the formation of pollen sacs. At the beginning of the flowering phase, the internodes (side shoots) are then sprayed with it daily. About two or three weeks later, pollen sacs form, which (as with the silver thiosulfate method) are then used for pollination. The seeds that emerge from it then in turn form 99 % female cannabis plants.

The stress method

If you stress hemp, you can also produce pollen in this way, with which you pollinate female plants. The result of changing light cycles, strong fluctuations in temperature or massive pruning forces the marijuana plant to form pollen sacs in order to pollinate itself - of course, you can also use this pollen to pollinate other female hemp plants in order to subsequently obtain female seeds.

Beginner Advantages to grow Feminized Seeds

Beginners like to use these feminized cannabis seeds - for many inexperienced growers it is difficult to identify the gender in time. When growing many plants in a mixed culture, gender recognition is extremely important, an individual male from regular seeds is often overlooked and then it can be too late. With feminized seeds, the grower does not have this problem.

There is also a big advantage in tight spaces: feminized cannabis seeds do not require nearly as much space as regular cannabis seeds. On average, the ambitious gardener removes around 50 % of the plant population that comes from regular seeds. The use of feminized seeds saves you this step and in principle you have twice the area available for cultivation and high-quality product.

Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to contain no male chromosomes, so they’ll only grow female plants. In the case of an unfavorable setup (e.g. scattered light or stress), however, undesirable hermaphrodites can still occur in isolated cases, which is not something gardeners like and therefore you should always offer the plants the best grow environment possible. For holistic users, feminized cannabis seeds offer diverse cannabinoid profiles rich in THC and/or CBD.

How to choose the right Feminized Weed Seeds producer

When you buy feminized cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks, you can expect high-quality seeds that are bred to produce consistent and reliable results. These seeds are also a great choice for beginners as they eliminate the need for complex breeding techniques and reduce the risk of accidental pollination. With feminized seeds, every cannabis plant you grow has the potential to produce flowers rich in cannabinoids, giving you a rewarding and enjoyable cultivation experience.

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, it's crucial to choose a reputable seed bank that offers a wide selection of high-quality feminized seeds. Look for seed banks that provide detailed information about the genetics, THC and CBD levels, and growing characteristics of each strain. Some seed banks even offer free seeds as a bonus with your purchase, allowing you to expand your collection and explore different cannabis strains.

Top 10 Best Feminized marijuana seeds for sale all time

1. AK-47

Recognized with prestigious accolades such as the Cannabis Cup, Highlife, and Toronto Expo, the AK-47 Feminized seeds have solidified their place as industry champions. Boasting 65% Sativa genetics, these highly sought-after feminized seeds are the ultimate catalyst to awaken your creative flow. Their uplifting effects make them an ideal daytime companion, infusing you with a burst of energy and inspiration.

While AK-47 Feminized undoubtedly offers an energetic experience, it also ensures a soothing and giggly aftermath. As for its aroma and flavor profile, prepare yourself for a delightful blend of sweet and earthy notes accompanied by subtle spiciness. AK-47 won't disappoint your taste buds or olfactory senses.

Rest assured, these feminized weed seeds are known for their ease of cultivation and rapid growth, allowing you to harvest resinous buds in as little as seven weeks. While AK-47 thrives indoors, it can also flourish outdoors for experienced growers, provided proper precautions are taken to protect against mold and pests.


Blue Sherbert is a robust and self-sufficient strain that is particularly beneficial for novice cultivators. Its adaptability shines through as it thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments, offering growers ample flexibility. Furthermore, Blue Sherbert is visually stunning, showcasing luscious dark purple blossoms adorned with a frosty coating—a telltale sign of top-notch buds. However, this strain's appeal extends beyond its appearance.

These cannabis seeds give rise to female plants with a high THC concentration of approximately 20%, ensuring fast-acting and long-lasting sensations of relaxation and joy, accompanied by a delightful blueberry flavor. Despite leaning towards Indica dominance, the significant Sativa presence in Blue Sherbert makes it suitable for consumption during any time of the day or night.


If you're a frequent consumer, Blue Dream could be the ideal choice for you. While it can be cultivated indoors, its true potential shines when grown outdoors, yielding an impressive 850 grams per plant. Its low maintenance requirements further add to its appeal, making it a highly desirable option for heavy smokers.

And when it comes to flavor, it doesn't disappoint. Like our other top recommendations, the female marijuana plants of Blue Dream produce buds with a delightful combination of sweet berries, spicy notes, and subtle skunky undertones. With a 70% Sativa composition and a THC content of 20%, Blue Dream delivers a long-lasting and invigorating buzz to enhance your day.

Moreover, this strain is renowned for its therapeutic and medicinal properties, offering relief to individuals dealing with various conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, pain, nausea, and more.


Introducing the illustrious White Widow, a strain that has claimed the prestigious Cannabis Cup in the past. White Widow is renowned for its mellow effects, making it the perfect choice for unwinding and socializing with friends. Unlike other strains that can leave you excessively high, White Widow provides just the right level of tranquility, without overwhelming your senses.

Although it can be cultivated indoors, this resilient beauty thrives when exposed to direct sunlight, making it an excellent option for outdoor cultivation. It adapts well to various climates, including Temperate, Mediterranean, and Steppe regions, making it suitable for cultivation in nearly all 50 states of the US.

Additionally, its subtle aroma ensures discretion, as outdoor cultivation won't fill the air with a strong scent. Moreover, White Widow requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice even for novice growers looking to try their hand at cultivating this remarkable strain.


Strawberry Cheesecake, renowned for its incredibly dense and sticky buds, has solidified its reputation in the cannabis world. This strain is a dream come true for extract and concentrate enthusiasts due to its abundant resin production. What sets Strawberry Cheesecake apart is its auto-flowering nature, meaning it effortlessly transitions into the flowering stage without any intervention, making it a hassle-free choice for growers.

Embracing the best of both worlds, Strawberry Cheesecake offers a delightful blend of Indica dominance and Sativa influence, resulting in a well-rounded high that is both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing. Whether you're seeking a burst of creativity or seeking relief from everyday stress, this strain has you covered.

But what about its cultivation? The good news is that Strawberry Cheesecake is a breeze to grow. Even if you're a novice gardener, you'll find success with this strain. It requires minimal attention and care, making it a low-maintenance option. Outdoor cultivation can be particularly rewarding, with each plant boasting impressive yields of up to 600 grams. And don't worry if you prefer indoor growing, as Strawberry Cheesecake thrives equally well in an indoor environment.


Looking for a remedy to soothe those nerves? Your prayers are answered with - LA Amnesia Haze, a remarkable strain of cannabis known for its stress-relieving properties and potential to enhance focus. With a genetic makeup of 70% Sativa, this seed offers an invigorating and euphoric high that can alleviate your worries.

Adding to its allure, the remaining 30% Indica component provides a calming and relaxing effect. Notably, the LA Amnesia Haze boasts an impressive THC content of 24%, ensuring a potent and long-lasting experience. This strain offers a generous yield, reaching up to 500 grams per plant when cultivated in optimal indoor conditions. Say goodbye to stress and welcome a renewed sense of tranquility with Amnesia Haze.


These seeds are specifically crafted to satisfy your sweet tooth, offering a tantalizing blend of Lavender, Pineapple, Citrus, and Strawberry flavors. Indulging in Runtz Muffin is like a heavenly treat for your taste buds. What's more, this strain boasts light sweet aromas that won't leave you worrying about lingering cannabis odors on your clothes. You can enjoy the deliciousness without any unwanted scents giving you away.

But it's not just about the taste and smell—Runtz Muffin is a true beauty in the cannabis world. As it matures, it develops into breathtaking purple buds, brimming with abundant resin and terpenes. The combination of these resinous and aromatic qualities makes Runtz Muffin a prime candidate for creating weed extracts. Its potency and richness in terpenes make it an excellent choice for those seeking concentrated cannabis products.

However, the true standout feature of Runtz Muffin lies in its incredible yield potential. Prepare to be amazed because you read it right—up to 1000 grams per plant! This strain thrives in warm climates, making it an ideal option for outdoor growers in such regions. Just imagine the bountiful harvest you can achieve with these remarkable feminized cannabis seeds.


Is there anything more satisfying than indulging in a pure Indica strain? Look no further than the extraordinary Granddaddy Purple Feminized marijuana seeds, which boast exclusive Indica genetics, ensuring the ultimate relaxation and a delightful, passmethechips high.

Not only is this strain known for its recreational benefits, but it also possesses remarkable medicinal properties, aiding in sleep improvement, chronic pain reduction, mood enhancement, and more. Moreover, with a potent THC content of 23%, it's essential to approach it with caution, as it packs quite a punch. And let's not forget about the exquisite taste of Granddaddy Purple, as it burns with delightful notes of sweetened berries and grapes, leaving you craving for more.

This lovely strain thrives best in environments with controlled humidity levels, ideally around 50 %. Therefore, indoor cultivation is highly recommended for optimal results. Unless you happen to reside in a region with a Steppe or Mediterranean-like climate, which would offer suitable conditions for successful outdoor growth

9. GELATO 45 

Cultivating the Gelato cannabis strain presents an intriguing opportunity for cannabis cultivators seeking a rewarding challenge. The predominance of Indica genetics in this strain contributes to its compact stature, making it an ideal choice for indoor cultivation.

When provided with a warm and humid environment, Gelato Feminized plants have the potential to yield an impressive stash of up to 700 g. Despite its Indica-dominant nature, it's worth noting that this particular seed variety offers an energizing experience. However, as the effects gradually fade away, a sense of relaxation settles in, creating a well-rounded experience for consumers.


With its dominant Sativa genetics, Super Silver Haze strives to deliver an unparalleled Sativa experience. This strain has gained immense popularity due to its ability to induce a lively and euphoric state, characterized by energetic bursts of happiness. Despite its modest 18% THC content, Super Silver Haze Feminized takes effect swiftly, so it's wise to consume it in moderation.

This remarkable variety tends to grow tall, making it an ideal candidate for outdoor cultivation in warm climates and spacious areas. When it comes to maintenance, Super Silver Haze requires average care, but the good news is that it exhibits resistance to mold, alleviating one of the common concerns of growers. Above all, this Sativa-dominant strain boasts generous yields, producing resinous and substantial buds weighing up to 19 ounces in a 3x3 feet space when given proper attention.

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