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This russian breeder collective called Kalashnikov Seeds offers realy nice cannabisseeds which are based on the famous and brutal AK47 (by Serious Seeds). They have crossed great landraces from Afghanistan, Spain, Netherlands and from eastern european countries with AK47 to get powerful hybrids of highest order. Strains like Kuban Killer (a incredible mostly sativa) or AK Kush are showing immense performance, also if you are a novice grower. Kalashnikov Seeds also offer express seeds, strains which are much faster then normal strains but without loosing any power. For Example AK Kush Express or Baikal Express are not automatic strains, they are just massive fast strains. We are happy here to offer theese very nice and powerful hybrids bred by Kalashnikov Seeds.


Baikal Express 3 fem
Baikal Express 3 fem
€ 24,00
Sale: € 22,32

AK Kush Express 3 fem
AK Kush Express 3...
€ 22,00
Sale: € 20,46

Baikal Express 5 fem
Baikal Express 5 fem
€ 38,00
Sale: € 35,34

Amnesia Molotov 5 fem
Amnesia Molotov 5...
€ 40,00
Sale: € 37,20

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