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Kalashnikov Original fem

     Manufactured by: Kalashnikov Seeds

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This one is for sure amazing: tuned over five years of efforts to cross breed AK phenotype with Altai Sativa strains, Kalashnikov Original is a very great and very vital strain. A great hybrid for outdoors, greenhouses and indoors as well - highly resistant against mold, fungi, diseases and humidity. Kalashnikova Original is a recommended strain for every lover of sativas, also the non-expert has a great possibility with this one cause it is very easy to grow as well.

Kalashnikov Seeds - different Cannabis strains from Russia

Kalashnikov Original Seeds is a Russian group and breeder of feminized seeds based in far east of Saint Petersburg. The company has been in the cannabis market since 2002 and since then has been growing some very fine crosses, most of them based on Serious Seeds' AK-47 clones that offer a lot of THC. Kalashnikov Seeds is a seed bank that has been in existence for over twenty years - the team has crossed numerous local breeds from Holland, Spain, landraces from Afghanistan and Eastern European countries with AK47, and created some absolutely superb new hybrids with this genetics.

Marijuana Seeds and strains such as Kuban-Killer (an extremely fast mostly sativa from Kuban region), Purple Mazar Auto, Siberian Haze, Moscow Blueberry Auto (an Amnesia x AK47 x Lowryder cross) or White Critical-Express (cross of White Widow, Critical Mass x Secret Sochi) are testament to the quality of this seed bank. 

In addition, Kalashnikov Seeds has focused on very fast flowering hybrids and express strains - White Critical Express with a fast flowering period or AK Kush Express, for example, are not autoflowering strains, but are absolutely fast thanks to excellent cultivation, without losing their bouquet and potency. All Kalashnikov Seeds are truly unique and we at Cannapot are delighted to be able to offer cannabis seeds from this producer.

  • Model: KAL07FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Kalashnikov Seeds

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