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Video - seed breeders

Cannabisseeds - breeders and producers of weedseeds at Cannapot

In this short video we are going to show you which breeders and producers of finest cannabisseeds we offer at our small but very nice onlineshop. You will find regular, feminized and automatic cannabisseeds bred by many different producers from all around the world. You can be sure that you will find great genetics, we list a lot of different products but if you do not find what you are searching for, please write us an E-Mail and we will try to support you that you get the genetic you are searching for.

Here is a small listing which breeder we list at our shop:

Dutch Passion
Paradise Seeds
Serious Seeds
Reggae Seeds
Pyramid Genetics
TH Seeds
Tom Hills
Ultra Genetics
Apothecary Seeds
Big Buddha Seeds
Brothers Grimm
Archive Seedbank
BC Bud Depot
Barneys Farm
Ace Seeds
Alphakronic Genetics
Auto Cannabisseeds
CBC Crew
Bulk Seed Bank
Ceres Family Weedseeds
Cream of the Crop
Critical Mass Collective
Delicious Seeds
Delta 9 Labs
Dr Underground
Dr Krippling
Fast Buds
EVA Feminized
Flying Dutchmen
French Touch
G13 Labs
Haute Genetique
Horti Lab
Holy Smoke
Karma Genetics
Mephisto Automatic
Rare Dankness
The Cali Connection
Burning Bush Serious

and many many more - we are always searching for new genetics, new stuff and new seeds, permanentely - if you are searching for genetics we do not offer or list at our shop do not hesitate to write us an E-Mail and we do what we can that we find the weedseeds you are searching for, sorry that i repeat but we are realy happy if you contact us that we have to find something special for you.

We are very happy that you found the way to us - we try to support you as good as possible - all the best and many green days!

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Purple Valley OG
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Future #1
Future #1
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Santhica 27 - Cannabis sativa
Santhica 27 -...
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+Speed Auto fem
+Speed Auto fem
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