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Sour Ghost Face Haze

     Manufactured by: Annabelle's Garden

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Sour Ghost Face Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross created by combining Tangie x Ghost Train Haze by Little Chief Collabs and the legendary Headbanger by Karma Genetics. The parents were carefully selected from a large number of specimens. Stress tests were also carried out to ensure the stability and vigour of the plants. This careful breeding method results in an unrivalled cannabis experience.

Sour Ghost Face Haze impresses with a complex aroma profile: when a container is opened, a strong scent of sour citrus and diesel unfolds, accompanied by a hint of spicy and earthy undertones. Some phenotypes also have a pronounced odour of orange. Flavours of gas and haze come to the fore, accompanied by subtle orange terpenes in some phenotypes. The combination of real gas terpenes and Haze makes for an unrivalled experience that is both intense and complex.

Medical users value Sour Ghost Face Haze for its versatile therapeutic properties. It can be helpful in relieving stress, anxiety and depression. Thanks to its pain-relieving properties, it can also be used for chronic pain and migraines. It can also combat loss of appetite and relieve nausea. The plants are characterised by a particular vitality that becomes apparent early on in the vegetative phase. The plants tend to grow medium to large in size and benefit from techniques such as topping to encourage growth and maximise results.

Annabelle's Garden - cannabis seeds with a lot of passion

Annabelle's Garden is a joint venture with the long-established seed ApeOrigin - Annabelle offers a small and very exclusive selection of high quality bred cannabis seeds, with excellent genetics. Each seed from Annabelle's Garden is the result of intensive breeding and research efforts aimed at combining the best characteristics of the cannabis plant. The breeder puts a lot of work, passion and love into the production of the seeds - stress tests are also carried out on each individual variety to ensure the stability and vitality of the plants. The range includes perfectly balanced hybrids with incredibly good parents, perfect for connoisseurs and cannabis enthusiasts. This variety allows growers to find the ideal strain for their individual needs, whether for medicinal or recreational use. The seed bank is still very young, but the test results stand for the highest quality and sustainability in cannabis breeding. It should also be noted that the prices are extremely good and absolutely fair, it is not about maximising profit but about making customers happy with good genetics. You should not miss out on these seeds, most growers will be surprised that Annabelle's Garden has far more to offer than long-established breeders...

  • Model: ANNA1
  •      Manufactured by: Annabelle's Garden

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