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This is a group of enthusiastic breeders based in Tenerife at the beautiful Canary Island with the goal to find rare and outstanding cannabis strains to share them to the hempcommunity. But this is just one target, the second ambition is breeding medical cannabisseeds for helping patients who are suffering on various sicknesses. SickMeds Seeds is a very ambitious team of breeder with much experience and they are searching for finding oldschool genetics from longer time ago to share and to provide them to younger grower who never had the chance smelling such genetics. For example the Williams Wonder is a type of marijuana in the purest form available (it is a strain with its roots at the SuperSativaSeedClub from the 80s) and SickMeds sell booth types, the feminized version and the regular seeds. They are also operating very closely with cannalabs for research in order to gain strains with high content of cannabinoids for producing different types of cbd-oils for helping people who are suffering on diseases.

Quick Critical 3 fem
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