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Conditions of Use


The following terms of business shall apply exclusively for all current and future business relations between Cannapot and the client in the version in force at the point of order. Cannapot objects to the inclusion of any different terms proposed by the client unless Cannapot in writing agrees to such different terms.

Contractual Relationship

All details given in our price-lists, catalogs, ads, advertising material, web-sites, consignments on approval or sampled offers are subject to change. We explicitly reserve the right to change the details given therein at any time. The clients orders are solely regarded as an offer for a conclusion of contract. The placement of orders via our website is aknowledged at receipt of the electronical order-form. In case of typing mistakes, errata and miscalculation Cannapot reserves the right to withdrawal.

Withdrawal Right

Clients who are consumers according to the consumer rights protection law, have the right to withdraw from the distance contract within 10 days from receipt of the ordered merchandise. It is sufficient to send the statement of withdrawal within this period of notice. This right to withdrawal does not apply for packages of seeds unsealed (opened) by the customer. In case of withdrawal refund is given fully or partially matching payment with delivery of merchandise by the customer.


Prices quoted in our aknowledgement of order apply exclusively. Orders that are accepted through immediate delivery and without prior aknowledgement of order are charged at the current listprices of the date of order. In case of occuring export or import charges, duties are on buyers account.


All costs, the shipping and handling, as well as the costs of the moneytransaction and the customs duty, pay our customers.

All goods will be delivered with the Austrian Post - if the amount is higher than EUR 100,-- we will send the order always insured. If the amount is under EUR 100,-- we send it regular but you have an option at the orderprocess where you can choose an insured delivery - this service costs EUR 3,10 extra. If you wish a Stealth-Delivery you can also choose this during the orderprocess - for this service we charge you EUR 10,-- extra. Stealth-Delivery means that we repack your seeds from the original breederspack into an other very discreet package.

Orders of EUR 150,-- (€) or more we do not charge any shipping or handling fees. For return delivery and rejected delivery we have to charge you 10 % of the total amount!

Terms of Payment

Unless agreed differently, our invoices are to be paid in advance. Payments [by Bank Transfer, CreditCard (Mastercard / Visa), Joker Mastercard Prepaid (if you want to use Joker please contact us), Bitcoins, Litecoins Moneygram or Cash] are to be transfered to the account/address given on our invoices. Payments are only considered as effected with receipt on our account. We are not obliged to accept checks or bills of exchange. All charges connected to the cashing of checks abd bills of exchange are on buyers account.

Place of Juridiction, applicable law, else

Any dispute relating in any way to the business relation between Cannapot and the client will be settled before a competent Spanish Court of Law, unless consumer business is concerned. We are entitled to file suit against the client at our own discretion before the client general court of law. These conditions of use are governed by Spanish Law, unless opposed by mandatory regulations under the clients right of residence. Application of UN-consumerright is ruled out.

The nullity of single regulations does not affect the validity of the other regulations of these sale and delivery conditions. By not claiming single of all rights we are entitled herewith, abandonment may not be deducted.

Arona is place of performance for both parties.

Cannapot does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with their law. We precise that all those who purchase our seeds are responsible for their actions in the future also there is no guarantee on the seeds because it is living material.

Unfortunately regulations in respect of hemp seeds are often target of varying interpretations from country to counry.For this reason we advise you to inquire about the regulations in your country before ordering seeds from us. In some cases concerning industrial, medical and agricultural use exemption can be claimed. In some countries the trade in seeds does not require a permit. In some cases, however, the export of hemp seeds for the purposes mentioned above requires notification. If notification is required in your country you need to inform us and /or the authorities in due time. We dispatch all seeds with the reservation that they will not be used illegally by any third parties.

As hemp seeds are organic material Cannapot cannot accept any product liability. There are links to other homepages in this shop - we are not responsable for the content of the pages we put a link to.

Alternation of prices reserved.

All prices at the Cannapot Onlineshop are in EURO, in POUNDS or in DOLLARS incl. VAT, prices and subjects to change (without notice).

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