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Frosty Slapz

     Manufactured by: Annabelle's Garden

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Frosty Slapz by Annabelle's Garden is the result of a careful cross between two highly acclaimed cannabis strains from Dark Horse Genetics: Lazar 115 and Savage Hulk #12 F2. Lazar 115 is known for its Bitch Slap phenotype, which is very stable and hermaphrodite-free. Dominated by Zkittlez, this gives it unique aromas and flavours. The Savage Hulk #12 F2 phenotype, a Strawberry Diesel pheno, impresses with its robustness, intense odour and potency. The colour palette ranges from a deep green to vibrant shades of purple and orange, depending on the phenotype.

The intense flavour of Frosty Slapz is unique: fruity, lemony, sweet and diesel-like. A complexity of citrus and a hint of fuel gives this strain an irresistible profile that will delight even the most discerning noses.

Thanks to its versatile effects, Frosty Slapz is also suitable for medicinal applications. It can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, while also having a mild, calming effect on the body. Frosty Slapz can be grown both indoors and outdoors and requires only moderate care. The plants develop to medium to tall heights - the results are usually generous and reward the grower with fantastic plants of the highest quality.

Annabelle's Garden - cannabis seeds with a lot of passion

Annabelle's Garden is a joint venture with the long-established seed ApeOrigin - Annabelle offers a small and very exclusive selection of high quality bred cannabis seeds, with excellent genetics. Each seed from Annabelle's Garden is the result of intensive breeding and research efforts aimed at combining the best characteristics of the cannabis plant. The breeder puts a lot of work, passion and love into the production of the seeds - stress tests are also carried out on each individual variety to ensure the stability and vitality of the plants. The range includes perfectly balanced hybrids with incredibly good parents, perfect for connoisseurs and cannabis enthusiasts. This variety allows growers to find the ideal strain for their individual needs, whether for medicinal or recreational use. The seed bank is still very young, but the test results stand for the highest quality and sustainability in cannabis breeding. It should also be noted that the prices are extremely good and absolutely fair, it is not about maximising profit but about making customers happy with good genetics. You should not miss out on these seeds, most growers will be surprised that Annabelle's Garden has far more to offer than long-established breeders...

  • Model: ANNA3
  •      Manufactured by: Annabelle's Garden

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