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La Bomba (Compound Genetics) fem

     Manufactured by: Paradise Seeds

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La Bomba is a gorgeous cannabis strain that follows the terpene profile of the Wedding Cake mother, one finds a wicked creamy Kush terpene profile that ranges from gassy to sweet sugar biscuits. The smell is very dessert-heavy, rich with sweet gelato combined with the absolutely brilliant diesel scent of Jet Fuel.

Paradise Seeds together with Compound have released this great cross of Wedding Cake and Jet Fuel Gelato, it is easy to grow and therefore great for all growers. Some plants turn deep purple towards the end, so La Bomba is not only a fantastic taste experience, but also a real feast for the eyes. If you are looking for a great strain for a sea-of-green, consider La Bomba, whether you grow indoors or outdoors.

Paradise Seeds - Cannabis Seeds - Cannabis Cup Winner

The Paradise Seeds Seed Bank is probably one of the most well-known and highly regarded breeders of cannabis seeds from Holland with excellent genetics of finest quality - in the range you will find only the absolute best seeds, regular and feminised. The seeds from Paradise Seeds are very high quality and offer excellent potency, for years the breeder has been winning awards at various competitions such as the High Times Cup. The fantastic Indica Sensi Star was even voted the absolute best plant of 2003, it is the perfect Indica for your seeds collection, very flavorful and with absolutely the best taste.

A great strains & genetics collection for the grow

Over many years this company has brought great strains with a lot of stability to the cannabis industry, besides Sensi Star you can also get the great hybrid called Nebula, the very potent Californian Gold or Sweet Purple, which you can grow indoors and outdoors and always get a fine, great yield.

The breeder grows some of the best award-winning seeds in the world, feminised seeds, autoflowering strains and also medicinal cannabis seeds are offered in the very large product range. All Paradise Seeds cannabis strains are excellent for medicinal applications:: they can relieve pain, calm, increase appetite and much more. With Paradise Seeds you are on the safe side, the cannabis genetics offered are very reliable and you also get what is promised to the grower. Paradise Seeds guarantees great quality, we have always had these cannabis seeds in our range, for many years you can order them online here at the Cannapot Seedshop.

  • Model: PAR72
  •      Manufactured by: Paradise Seeds

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