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Hazeman Seeds

Hazeman Seeds
Monkey Balls (Deep Chunk IBL)

Monkey Balls (Deep Chunk IBL)

Very happy to offer these fantastic cannabisseeds from the Deep Chunk-Line called Monkey Balls. These are weedseeds of highest order, a great medical...

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This breeder has a lot of experince, over decades these guys were creating finest cannabisseeds for sharing in the underground till Hazeman finally founded this seedbank officially in the year 2007. The goal is to find the best oldschool genetics possible for preserving, only regular weedseeds are produced because anything related to chemistry is absolutey banned at Hazeman Seeds. Great and highquality weedseeds like Monkey Balls (a Deep Chunk bred from original Tom Hills Seeds, a true legend that is maybe the strongest medical indica on the whole planet earth), Gangster OG or Haze (the first strain this breeder introduced) can be found here at our seedshop. We are happy and we think you will be happy as well when you have these seeds in your hands - we highly recommend Hazeman Seeds because it is pure nature and great oldschool.

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