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Lowryder #2 10 fem

Manufactured by: Joint Doctor Seeds

€ 64,00
Sale: € 58,88

incl. 13% VAT

(=€ 64,00
Sale: € 58,88)

Lowryder #2 female is propably one of the best autostrain on the market! Lowryder is one of the shortest and fastest strains in the world! Perfect for Guerilla growin...Lowryder #2 is a cross of Lowryder x Santa Maria! 10 fem seeds / pack

Joint Doctor is the pioneer in the world of automatic cannabisseeds. Over the past years, started at the beginning of the new century, this breeder created so many great automatic strains with amazing quality. Joint Doctor created the first firstclass automatic strain called Lowryder and now many other producer follow. A world of hempseeds without Lowryder is not possible anymore. Many other breeders started producing automatic seeds as well and all seeds get more and more quality. But for all thoose growers who are searching for the original, here it is. Joint Doctor is the one - check out the other seeds like Purple Ryder, Easy Ryder, Lowryder #2 or Chronic Ryder as well.

  • Model: JTD1_fem10
  • Manufactured by: Joint Doctor Seeds

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