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Blueberry has been one of the most popular strains for many years, and here we offer our own regular Blueberry for the indoor and outdoor grower. For this really delicious mostly Indica we have crossed an original Blueberry by DJ Short with the True Blueberry by DJ Short. The reason we didn't just combine two original Blueberries is simply because we only found females of DJ Short's Blueberry seeds, so we had to use the best True Blueberry male as pollinator.

The variety smells very delicious and typical of blueberries, but it does not always turn dark blue, which is probably due to the genetics of the seed donor. Blueberry is easy to grow and excellent for both indoors and outdoors. It is a real classic and by now almost a little oldschool - we think you should have grown this variety at least once. It is extremely delicious and really tasty, and offers a nice and not too intrusive turn. Blueberry is a real legend and we just love it!

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After almost twenty years in the seed business, we are pleased to finally present our own seed line. With our collection of regular and feminised cannabis seeds we try to offer a mix of legendary and also innovative strains to the grower and collector at a fair price. We produce our seeds in Spain, partly in the Canary Islands and partly in the beautiful Andalusia - due to a really large collection of different genetics we can also offer one or the other strain that is no longer available. For example, we have a beautiful Blueberry that can now be described as a real oldschool variety. We also have an interesting variant of Jack Herer that we call Sweet Cinnamon, an Exodus Cheese and a great Tropical Mango, whose basic genetics still come from the Swiss seed company Herbaria.

For our cannabis seeds we have invested a lot of time over the years and finally managed to offer a nice collection of regular and feminised seeds. By the way, the original idea was that we would only offer regular seeds, but for various reasons there are now also feminised seeds in the Cannapot Seeds range. For example, our own Blue Dream, a Lambsbread and also the great and legendary Sativa called Chocolope.

By the way, in the future we would like to offer one or the other limited variety in small quantities every few months - the preparations for this are already in full swing and we hope to make one or the other grower very happy.

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