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High Society fem

     Manufactured by: Compound Genetics

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This Biscotti and Jet Fuel Gelato cross is a real powerhouse, a genetic wonder that is very easy to grow. The High Society seeds tend to show great diversity in terms of plant structure, terpenes, colour and suitability for the growing environment. However, each individual is a real delicacy and highly recommended. Pheno hunters will find a phenotype that expresses the highly unique bakery odour of biscotti, mingling with notes of French toast, roasted nuts and cinnamon. In contrast, other phenotypes tend towards the jet fuel gelato strain, expressing more gelato and gassy notes. Like the La Bomba and Marshmallow OG strains, High Society is well suited to most environments, but care should be taken outdoors to have a location protected from rain to realise its full potential.

Compound Genetics Marijuana Seeds

The breeder Compound Genetics offers a very nice range of highquality weed seeds, the enterprise was created by a slightly small group of very great friends with a dream to preserve the essence of marijuana they absolutely love. All of them have been collecting, growing and breeding superb cannabis genetics for years now just to provide the lovers of good cannabis with the best seeds and strains possible.

The first plant in the product range is called Lemon Apricot and has the most amazing peach flavour imaginable. In the meantime, the range of seeds on offer at Compound Seeds has increased and now includes Marshmallow OG, High Society, Jet Fuel Gelato and Menthol Runtz with incredible flavours. The varieties from the Compound Genetics seed bank are exclusive, only feminized seeds are offered and every single hybrid from the breeder is fantastic. We are delighted that you can now buy more and more great products online from this breeder.

  • Model: COM02
  •      Manufactured by: Compound Genetics

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