Flying Dutchmen 5 female

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Voyager 5 fem

Voyager 5 fem

The powerful genotypes behind Voyager are realy rare and can not be found in todays hybrids. The Sativas New Guinea Gold from the highlands of Papua and...
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This seedbank called The Flying Dutchmen is an absolutely legendary producer of medical cannabisseeds. The founder Eddie was working directly with the famous Sam the Skunkman who came from the States bringing many landraces and especially the first Skunk to Europe. Together they produced and introduced many new hybrind in the 80s but especially the Skunk was a revolution in the world of cannabis. This was the first real Skunk called Skunk #1 - this strain is often found in hybrids, for sure the most used genetic for creating new f1-hybrids. All the weedseeds by the Flying Dutchmen are organically grown under exacting conditions to ensure genetic uniformity. Every grower should try the strains of this famous breeder, they have great genetics like The Pure Skunk, Kerala Krush, The Real McCoy or the Original Haze.