Dr Underground 2 fem

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U Pink Kush 2 fem

U Pink Kush 2 fem

This is the result of working many years with Reeferman Seed stock - U Pink Kush is a very medicinal strain which is easy to grow with very nice...
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This breeder called Dr. Underground was established in the year 2009 with the goal to bring the best feminized cannabishybrids with the best plants to the grower. All their strains are feminized strains which are realy easy to grow, suited to hydrophonic systems, soil, cocos, for indoors, outdoors and more surroundings. Strains like U Pink Kush, Brooklyn Mango, Melon Gum or King Kong are very famous and highly respected nowadays. For sure one of their best medical strain is the heavymonsterindica called Painkiller especially created for patients who are suffering on heavy pain. Dr. Underground is very proud to produce absolutely winnerstrains and they do not sell any of their hempseeds to other seedbanks. So you can be sure that every cannabisseed by Dr. Underground is absolutely unique.