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This is a very nice seedbank located in Spain producing very good hempstrains like White Widow, Blue Cheese, Moby Dick, Power Kush, White Siberian or Sweet Deep Grapefruit. Weed Seeds by Dinafem Genetics are very easy to grow, they offer sativas, indicas, automatic strains and hybrids of the highest quality you can imagine. Dinafem is one of the most appreciated breeder in Europe and their fan base is growing stepless. It is simply the quality of their strains making Dinafem one of the best breeder on the hempmarket nowadays.


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Bella Ortega 28.00 € ~ 3 d
Rusty Glue 21.50 € ~ 3 d
Skywalker Kush 15.50 € ~ 5 d
Pineapple Gold 29.00 € ~ 7 d
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