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The Markabah

The Markabah

The Merkabah (SFV-OG Kush x Afghani Kandahar Landrace) is a mostly sativa which grows not so high as other sativas with a very nice medicinal potential....
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Delta 9 Labs was starting the production in the late 90's with the goal to produce regular cannabis- and marihuanaseeds in an earth friendly way, for collectors as well as for medical use. At this point they only produced regular seeds, years later (after many accurate tests) they started also producing femaleseeds to satisfy many of their customers who wanted to get such feminized hempseeds as well. Delta 9 traveled the world with lots of success to get new d-n-a for their great breeding program. They have a big network and a superb communication with people with much experience so every customer can be sure, to get the best quality of cannabisseeds possible. Delta 9 has the highest standards in the labs so it is highly recommended purchasing theese genetics.