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Lowryder Seeds

Ace Seeds
Auto Malawi x Northern Lights

Auto Malawi x Northern Lights

This automatic strain is the first autoflowering plant by well known breeder AceSeeds: Auto Malawi x NL is very easy to grow providing an incredible...

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Ace Seeds
Auto Zamaldelica

Auto Zamaldelica

Auto Zamaldelica is a very compact and fast sativa with great results that smells like a mix of tropical fruits, some anise, musk and a little hint of...

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Buy Lowryder seeds – what type of cannabis is Lowryder?

This type of marihuana made a real big impact in the world of growing and of course you can buy cheap automatic cannabis seeds seeds here! Lowryder by Joint Doctor Seeds was the first real autoflowering strain that was very usable for the grower. Officialy it was created by crossing a Cannabis Ruderalis with a Northern Lights #2 and then with Williams Wonder. Of course there were, and there are, still some pure Ruderalis (for example Ruderalis Indica) out there but they can not be compared with this great genetic created by Joint Doctor who is the originator of this super type of cannabis. This is the official story but there are other theories around, of course as usual. A very interesting type of theory is that the genetics came from an oilseeds hempvariety called Finola which was developed from Russian stock in Finland in the year 1995.

Anyway, if you are searching for a real hardy type of outdoor- or indoorstrain and if you want to buy lowryder seeds that do not care about cold nights, frosty climate conditions, illnesses, mold or pests, you can do it here at the Cannapot Seedshop. This type of marihuana is what you are searching for if you are a beginner, a guerilla-grower or just a fan of short flowering strains. Also if you live in very north (or very south) areas with a very short summer period, automatic cannabis seeds are great possibilities for your grow because of the lifecycle which is extremely short. You can plant the seeds multiple times indoors a year as well because of its short lifetime. Over the last years we have seen that autoflowering strains are also very suitable for indoorgrows and very often they look like normal marijuana plants.

What are autoflowering seeds? Are cheap automatic cannabis seeds worth to grow?

As the name suggests, automatic seeds are genetics that begin to flower automatically, they do not care about the light cycle. If you have for example twenty hours of light or if you have only five or six, these strains will start to flower around three or four weeks after germination of the seeds. Of course more hours of light is better, the more lights the plants get the better it is. But with this type of cannabis it is possible to grow also outdoors under cold climate conditions. Autoflowering strains are very popular in the north of Europe, in Russia, Asia and in the north of America. Many grower in Finland, Sweden, Canada, Norway swear on these genetics, also in Scottland exists a big fanbase. One of the best producer is Fast Buds, a breeder that is specialized in creating autoseeds only!

Semiautomatic seeds

There are other automatic seeds out there as well, the so called semiautomatic strains are also automatic cannabisseeds but they start to flower much later then the regular lowrydergenetics. For example Easy Sativa or Black Jack F1 Fast are very nice for a grow, no need to worry about mold and cold nights, with semiautoseeds you can do nothing wrong when you have an outdoor-spot.

Here is a small selection of six very great Automatic Strains

2 Fast 2 Vast Auto

This autostrain is probably the best on the seedmarket. Brilliant smelling and real amazing fat plants that are very is easy to grow, indoors and outdoors. The perfurme is heavy fruit, absolutely amazing – this is great automatic stuff!

Amnesia Haze Automatic

Amnesia Haze Automatic is for sure one of the strongest automatic Amnesias you can find – these feminized seeds are easy to grow, the plants offer fantastic and very strong Haze flavours! Even the most unexperienced grower will get amazing plants in the outdoor- or indoorgarden. It is a great producer and you won't believe that this is an automatic type of cannabis.

Cherry Pie Automatic

One of the fruitiest plant in the collection of ApeOrigin, Cherry Pie Automatic is a true fruitbomb – the result of crossing the fantastic Cherry Pie with the legend strain Lowryder by Joint Doctor Seeds! The mixture of all these elements makes it a wonderful autoflowering strain of best quality.

Baby Boom

Baby Boom Automatic is a cross of Northern Lights, Blueberry and Ruderalis – this creation by Kannabia is very easy to grow, does not need fertilizers and it smells superb like a mix of pines and plums. Baby Boom stays short but offering an immense power especially the indicagrower will love!

Auto Banana Blaze

The perfume is a mix of the sweetest berries rounded up with an amazing touch of sweet bananas - this automatic strain is easy to grow under all circumstances: indoors, greenhouses, outdoors and especially the guerilla-grower will have a lot of fun. Auto Banana Blaze is a must-have for all lovers of strong and punchy fruit flavored marijuana – a true gem in the world of autoseeds!

Auto Kong #4

Auto Kong #4 is a fantastic cross of the famous Glue with the very fast and outstanding autostrain by Paradise Seeds called Pandora. These feminized seeds are recommended for outdoors and indoors, even the beginner will get amazing plants! Auto Kong #4 smells fantastic, an incredible flavor reminding on very sour lemons, very strong and also a very good plant for guerilla-grower!

OG Kush Auto fem
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+Speed Auto fem
+Speed Auto fem
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2 Fast 2 Vast Auto fem
2 Fast 2 Vast Auto...
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Auto Banana Blaze
Auto Banana Blaze
€ 16,95
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Gorilla Cookies Auto fem
Gorilla Cookies...
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