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Easy Sativa female

     Manufactured by: Female Seeds

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The name says it all about Easy Sativa: it's an easy New Style Sativa strain for the greenhouse or outdoor grower. Definitely one of the best producing strains in the Netherlands! Easy Sativa shows up extremely early and is ready to go already in September, it is suitable for almost everywhere outdoors, but it can also be grown indoors very successfully.

Easy Sativa is a really great marijuana strain bred by Female Seeds. She is sativa dominant and known for her easy to grow character. It was developed from a cross of different sativa strains to create a plant that is easy to grow, even for beginners...Easy Sativa is a really great strain for outdoor growers, but also works very well in an indoor garden!

Femaleseeds - best feminized weed seeds from Netherlands

Females Seeds is a Dutch cannabis seed producer specialized in feminized cannabis seeds with a lot of knowledge and experience in the field, you can find the best feminized seeds for sale at their product range. The company was one of the first on the market to develop really high quality and very stable feminized marijuana seeds for the grower. Their product range does not list any regular cannabis seeds so you won't find any male plants during your grow, only female cannabis plants that you will love.

The Dutch seed bank is a very reliable breeder, all products by Femaleseeds can be described as very high quality. You can get the different cannabis seeds for growing your own plants at reasonable prices, they are all very high yielding and you always get reliable results with a fantastic and great potency.

Buy feminized seeds by Femaleseeds - great strains - Kush and more

If you want to buy feminized seeds to grow marijuana to get the best feminized plants (also called sinsemilla) you should not forget this enterprise. Femaleseeds won a lot of Cannabis Cups over all the years since they are in the business. 

Female plants, or better to say female strain like Grapefruit, Sexbud, Cinderella 99 or Pure-AK are absolutely outstanding and should be tried by every grower who appreciates stable and good quality. This breeder offers genetics that can withstand stressful times, so they are all of the highest quality. The product range also includes brilliant outdoor varieties like Purple Maroc, Skunk Special or Easy Sativa. Of course also autoflower seeds like Automatic Haze or Auto Kush are in their very nice portfolio. If you want female marijuana plants on your balcony, have a look at this breeder, you won't be dissapointed!

  • Model: FEM10FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Female Seeds

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