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Cherry Pie Automatic 5 fem

     Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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Sale: € 15,92)

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Cherry Pie Automatic smells deliciously sweet of fruity cherries with a nice hint of fresh pastry. It is a cross between ApeOrigin's Cherry Pie and the legendary Lowryder from Joint Doctor Seeds - the plants grow very well in all environments and produce great results without much care. Cherry Pie Auto is best suited for outdoor growers looking for a guerrilla plant. It also thrives on balconies, terraces and in greenhouses, with absolutely no problems. But it also grows excellently indoors, Cherry Pie Auto is very mould resistant and a real all-rounder strain for inexperienced, and of course also for experienced growers!

ApeOrigin is the union of ApeGenetics and Originseeds - a new breedercollective located all over the world with the target to reproduce medicinal, old, legendary and rare strains and landraces as well. Every breeder has his own individual target - creating strains for outdoor- or indoorgrowers. The collective tries to offer more and more rare strains in future - especially landraces which are not available anywhere else.

  • Model: APE41
  •      Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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