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Lowryder Seeds

Sagarmatha Seeds
Double Diesel Ryder 5 fem

Double Diesel Ryder 5 fem

A superb cross of the famous New York City Diesel with a fab automatic strain. This is something for those who are looking for a speedy version of the NYC...

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What type of cannabis is Lowryder?

This type of marihuana made a real big impact in the world of growing and of course you can buy lowryder seeds here - it was the first real autoflowering strain that was very usable for the grower. Officialy it was created by crossing a Cannabis Ruderalis with a Northern Lights #2 and then with Williams Wonder. Of course there were and there are still some pure Ruderalis (for example Ruderalis Indica) out there but they can not be compared with this great genetic created by Joint Doctor who is the originator of this super type of cannabis. This is the official story but there are other theories around, of course as usual. A very interesting type of theory is that the genetics came from an oilseeds hempvariety called Finola which was developed from Russian stock in Finland in the year 1995.

Anyway, if you are searching for a real hardy type of outdoorstrain that does not care about cold nights, frosty climate conditions, illnesses, mold or pests this type of marihuana is what you are searching for. Also if you just have a short summerperiod it is a great possibility for your grow because of the lifecycle which is extremely short. You can plant the seeds in multiple time indoors a year as well because of its short lifetime.

What are autoflowering seeds?

As the name suggests, automatic seeds are genetics that beginn to flower automatically, they do not care about the light cycle. If you have for example twenty hours of light or if you have only five or six, these strains will start to flower around three or four weeks after germination of the seeds. Of course more hours of light is better, the more lights the plants get the better it is. But with this type of hemp it is possible to grow also outdoors under cold climate conditions. Autoflowering strains are very popular in the north of Europe, in Russia, Asia and in the north of America. Many grower in Finland, Sweden, Canada, Norway swear on these genetics, also in Scottland exists a big fanbase.

Semiautomatic seeds

There are other automatic seeds out there as well, the so called semiautomatic strains are also automatic cannabisseeds but they start to flower much later then the regular lowrydergenetics. For example Sudden Flower by Earth Seeds or Easy Sativa are very nice for a grow, no need to worry about mold and cold nights, with semiautoseeds you can do nothing wrong when you have an outdoor-spot.

Strawberry Banana Cheese 5 fem
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Sudden Flower
Sudden Flower
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+Speed Auto fem
+Speed Auto fem
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Auto Bubble Gum fem
Auto Bubble Gum fem
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Auto Tutankhamon female
Auto Tutankhamon...
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