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The beginning of this nice hempseedbreeder called Allstar-Genetics goes back to the 1990's as many seedcompanies appeared on the market. At this time the breeder of Allstar-Genetics created strains for other companies with a lot of success. After a decade the guys started their own enterprise official with nice genetics, some oldschool and some new strains they collected over the years. You can be sure that the name of this nice breedercollective is absolutely the right name cause the batches they offer are absolutely high quality, the seeds are always fresh and in best condition. Allstar works with a group of medical grower to get the best results possible, they do not have many strains like other breeders and this is for sure a good way - they keep it small but theese seeds are great, a few strains of highest quality many people enjoy nowadays.

USA Autoflower Mix
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