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Durban Magic

YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH DURBAN MAGIC!!!! I ended up with a 4 foot tent and the plant literally grew from BOTTOM ALL THE WAY UP TO THE VERY TOP OF THE TENT NO JOKE!!!! I could never have guessed this Fossil Strain (my cannapot should be the first to put up a Fossil Leafly website for growers because the plant is 30-40k years old perhaps a literal extinct dinosaur). YIELD'S ARE EXTREMELY INSANE!!!

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Seeds of Africa

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Auto Sunburn Pineapple 15.00 € ~ 3 d
Sour 60 6.00 € ~ 3 d
Blue Tahoe Cheese 6.00 € ~ 3 d
Glue Cookies 20.00 € ~ 5 d
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