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Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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Many thanks to ApeOrigin for this superb and perfect sativa landrace - Bushmans is not dead, Bushmans is still alive with the best quality ever.

Bushmans is a pure Sativa form southafrican Highlands - from Ciskei! Recommended for indoor- and outdoorgrowers! This strain has a very great smell reminds on liqueur with a touch of vanilla!

This Bushmans by Origin Seeds is a recommended strain for outdoorgrowers who want to have the very nice sativasmell! They improved the quality of the seeds and the result is an outstanding sativa for indoors and outdoors! 10 Seeds / Pack

ApeOrigin is the union of ApeGenetics and Originseeds - a new breedercollective located all over the world with the target to reproduce medicinal, old, legendary and rare strains and landraces as well. Every breeder has his own individual target - creating strains for outdoor- or indoorgrowers. The collective tries to offer more and more rare strains in future - especially landraces which are not available anywhere else.

  • Model: APE07
  • Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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