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Strawberry Kush fem

     Manufactured by: White Label

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Sale: € 14,45)

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Strawberry Kush is an indica-dominant strain with a sweet strawberry flavour and scent. Its parent plants are Strawberry Cough, a legendary Californian strain, and OG Kush, a celebrated indica of best quality possible. In the past it was a clone-only-strain but now, thanks to White Label, we can offer feminized weedseeds for every grower who loves strawberries and Kush flavours. Strawberry Kush is a very good choice for cultivation in a greenhouse, or outdoors in a warm, sunny climate, where their sativa-influenced height gain is an advantage – but of course, you can grow it indoors in a sea-of-green where you will get incredible good results.

The White Label Company is a subsidiary company of the legendary breeder Sensi Seeds from the Netherlands - White Label offers highgrated cannabisseeds with great quality to a fair and low price. The seeds are feminized and regular as well, strains like Masterkush, Afghan Kush, White Widow, Northern Lights, Purple Haze or Skunk #1 are just a few examples. With White Label the breeder Sensi Seeds offers the opportunity to economically buy cannabis seeds from some of the most popular cannabis strains available today.

  • Model: WHL46
  •      Manufactured by: White Label

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