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Shiva's Soul

     Manufactured by: Trichome Cannabisseeds

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Shiva's Soul is easy to grow, so it can be cultivated by novices and of course experienced growers, both indoors and outdoors. It is a cross of the Shiva's Stash and Soulmate strains, both cannabis strains with enormous potential. This blend smells incredibly good of incense, various spices and a bit of fuel - very intense and incredibly strong. Shivas Soul was originally a bonus strain by Trichome Jungle Seeds, due to the numerous positive feedbacks, it has made it to the absolute staple of the Trichome range!

Trichome Jungle Seeds - amazing breeder - top cannabis strains

Trichome Jungle Archives Seeds is a small but very nice company that was founded by 'Banana Man' in the year 2008 in Spain with a big heart - this breeder is very good and highly recommended. Trichome Seeds is one of these fantastic creators of seeds with a lot of THC that is specialized in true highquality genetics. All different seeds are absolutely great and they are produced by only using organic methods. The breeder loves to create new flavours, hybrids, smells and is always looking for something unique for all growers on planet earth. Trichome Jungle produces all seeds in indoor- and outdoorgardens, before they reach the market, all strains are well tested: the plants are going through a hard stress test to see how they perform in low and high temp conditions, and also with different pH ranges to see how they cope.

  • Model: TRI606F
  •      Manufactured by: Trichome Cannabisseeds

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