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     Manufactured by: Purple City Genetics

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Headhunter is an indica-sativa cross of the powerful cannabis strain Legend OG and the very potent and very tasty strain Gush Mints. The result is a new plant with explosive potential: productive, powerful and easy to grow. The strain has good vegetative vigour, making it suitable for all growing methods, like a Sea-of-Greens, SCROG or Supercropping.

It can be grown very successfully indoors and in greenhouses, outdoors it also works well provided it doesn't get too wet. However, this strain works really well on terraces or on a balcony, it loves sheltered places. Headhunter is very rich in terpenes, she gives off an intense, very strong aroma of pine and petrol with a creamy, wonderfully sweet background, a great cannabis strain for beginners and for experienced growers.

Purple City Genetics is a cannabis collective based in Oakland, California that was founded in the year 2008. In response to the more or less radical change in the cannabis landscape in the States, Purple City Genetics has adapted the breeding program by expanding the range of cannabis seeds for large farms while maintaining the high standards. Purple City Genetics is one of the really good Californian manufacturers who has won many prizes at various trade fairs and cannabis cups over the years. Every single variety from the range offers a fantastic quality and each variety is suitable for beginners and experienced growers.

  • Model: PCG29
  •      Manufactured by: Purple City Genetics

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