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American Purple fem

     Manufactured by: Positronics

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American Purple offers a wonderfully sweet flavour in combination with very tasty berries and a delicious hint of forest honey. It is a great sativa from Positronic Seeds that has been created through long and careful work. Positronics offers a real treat for sativa lovers looking for the absolute best in genetics. American Purple is the result of crossing Gran Daddy Purple and Purple Haze, two of the best cannabis strains of all time. This blend is very easy to grow, it is the perfect sativa for indoor gardens - but if you want to grow it outdoors, you will only be able to do so in the south or in a very well-ventilated greenhouse.

Positronics Seeds - great feminized cannabis strains

The Positronics seed bank was the very first grow shop in Amsterdam (Holland) to be founded and opened by the "Potfather of Cannabis" Wernard Bruining. Many legendary strains and cuttings such as Skunk #1 with its ingenious flavour, Purple Haze with the fantastic outstanding aroma, Somango or Northern Light came to many home growers via the grow shop, and some of the strains are now absolutely legendary old-school strains of the very highest quality. Purple Haze in particular has built up a large fan community over many years, many have loved these cannabis seeds dearly and they have been desperately sought after for years. Thanks are due not only to Jimi Hendrix, but also to Wernard Bruining who made this possible.

Unfortunately, the company had to close up shop due to insolvency until Sebastian (the owner of the growshop 'El punto eres tu' in Malaga, a big fan of the original Positronics' products) had the idea to revive the company. Werner Bruining was enthusiastic about the idea and gave the old-school genetics to Sebastian to breed, stabilise and relaunch them on the market. Positronic now offers exclusively feminised seeds of great quality at favourable and fair conditions.

The range still includes feminised marijuana seeds, but it is reassuring to know that the seed bank has not allowed many of the legendary hybrids to die out. In addition to Purple Haze and the legendary White Widow, Positronics also offers the autoflowering Afghan Express that offers a lot of THC.

  • Model: POS16FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Positronics

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