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Kuntz 5 fem

     Manufactured by: Pheno Finder Seeds

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Kuntz by Phenofinder is a cross between these two very famous and renowned strains: Kosher Kush, known for its incredible strength (as well as winning the 2010 and 2011 Cannabis Cups) and Runtz S1, a strain highly regarded for its delicious smell. Kuntz smells wonderfully strongly like tropical fruits, and there is also a hint of sweetness in this beautiful mix of indica and sativa. It is a strain that is easy to grow, even the most inexperienced grower can grow her really well - she is suitable for outdoors, for greenhouses and of course for indoor gardens.

Pheno Finder Seeds - amazing breeder of best strains

The Phenofinder Seeds group consists of a handful of breeders from the USA, Spain and Holland (Amsterdam). All of them have a lot of experience in the production of feminized cannabis strains, hybrids and classic strains in seed form. The aim of this manufacturer is to find the best phenotypes of classic and modern cannabis strains in order to produce and breed cannabis seeds of the highest quality. Phenofinder has already won various Cannabis Cups with some of its strains, for example the Purple Strawberry Bliss variety, Runtzosa or Sowah Sherbert.

The fan base in the United States is very large and growing steadily, and varieties from Pheno Finders Seeds are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. All crosses are characterised by their immensely high quality and Phenofinder has a huge following, especially in California. The marijuana seeds are also becoming increasingly popular in England and Spain and we at Cannapot are convinced that the community will continue to grow and become even bigger. So if you want to buy Phenos Seeds, this is your chance - we have a lot of seeds available!

  • Model: PFS19_FEM5
  •      Manufactured by: Pheno Finder Seeds

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