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Gelato Mint fem

     Manufactured by: 00 Seeds

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Gelato Mint is a 70% Indica that is the result of crossing the strains 'Its it x Cookies' and 'Cream F2'. It is a medium sized cannabis strain that is ideal for a sea of green, whether grown indoors or outdoors. Gelato Mint smells fantastically of ice cream and great mint, this really great smell is rounded off with a hint of vanilla. Gelato Mint is very easy to grow and always produces excellent results indoors, as long as you provide good ventilation to prevent mould from becoming a problem. Outdoors, it's a similar story: give Gelato Mint a sunny spot with good ventilation or plenty of wind and it will reward you with incredible results.

00 Seeds - very nice feminized seeds for beginners and experts

This very nice enterprise called 00 Seeds is based in Spain offering a very nice selection of feminized hempseeds, they have automatic and non-automatic hybrids of highest quality. 00 Seeds is specialized on creating powerful mostly Indicas for nearly every environment. You can grow their cannabisseeds indoors, outdoors and also on balconies or in greenhouses where you always will get the perfect results. The linecard includes many different strains for example Auto Bubble Gum, Auto Afghan Mass, Caramel Kush or Cheese Berry which offer an absolutely superb quality. You can order small packages but also big packages when you need more than just a few beans, if you are a fan of Indicas, 00 Seeds is the right producer for you, also if you do not have much knowledge cause they are all very easy to grow.

  • Model: OO39FEM
  •      Manufactured by: 00 Seeds

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