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Banana Zkittlez fem

     Manufactured by: Medical Seeds

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Banana Zkittlez is the cross between two of the sweetest cannabis strains currently available: the Banana Punch from SymbioticGenetics has been perfectly fused with the Californian clone-only strain Zkittlez. With this blend, Medical Seeds has maximized the intense smell of the Zkittlez and added the perfect touch of banana notes - this fragrance will delight even the most demanding connoisseur. It is a mostly Indica that is easy to grow, it is ideal for indoors and outdoors, and Banana Zkittlez is also very suitable for the production of extracts.

Medical Seeds is a breeder based in Spain creating finest medical hempseeds for people who are suffering on different illnesses. They provide top quality seeds of highest order. But also grower and collectors of seeds who do not suffer find the right strains in their superb product range. All cannabisseeds are tested over a real long period before they enter the marketplace, MedicalSeeds always have a special care when crossing strains for creating new varieties.

  • Model: MED19FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Medical Seeds

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