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Lafanta Light Auto CBD

     Manufactured by: Lightbuds CBD

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Sale: € 13,60)

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Light Buds' automatic version Lafanta Light Auto is a cross of the very high quality Lafanta Light clone and a fourth generation automatic male. Lafanta Light Auto is an indica-dominant auto strain that is very easy to grow, even the most inexperienced gardener will always get stately plants with these feminized CBD seeds. It brings a balanced ratio in terms of CBD and THC, the scent is reminiscent of plenty of sweet and spicy oranges, definitely a real culinary delight of the best quality. Lafanta Light Auto is a real asset to the world of CBD plants, it delivers wonderful results and an intensely ingenious first-class fragrance.

The Breeder Light Buds has specialized in the production of CBD hemp seeds with which you can grow plants for the private and also for the medical sector. The main focus of all varieties is clearly on the production of a lot of CBD (cannabidiol), but great attention is also paid to delicious smells and aromas. Lightbuds doesn't want to increase the CBD values ​at all costs, after all, it's also about the nose and therefore the varieties also offer very tasty smells and a lot of cannabidiol without having to sacrifice quality. We are already curious what Light Buds will bring to the market in the near future, but believe us, the current range of CBD seeds has it all.

  • Model: LFL02
  •      Manufactured by: Lightbuds CBD

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Lightbuds CBD

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