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Diesel Kush

     Manufactured by: Kush Seeds

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Diesel Kush (Diesel X OG Kush) offers amazing results and plants with an intense flavor reminding on fruity kerosene, very strong and delicious. This type of marihuana is a fantastic one, recommended for people who are searching for something real special...

Kushseeds has an enormous experience in breeding finest weedseeds - all strains that are produced by this enterprise are based on the incredible great kushgenetics that are all very easy to grow showing an enourmous medical power. This company is a mix of breeders and good friends from Northamerica and from the area of HinduKush - they have taken the best genetics from all over the world (for example Blueberry, Afghan, Diesel, White Widow, Haze or Sweet Tooth) for breeding. You can order weedseeds online by Kushseeds here at our shop, we are very proud offering these superb kushgenetics at the Cannapot Hempshop - if you are seeking for the right kush, this breeder is the breeder you are searching for.
  • Model: KUS05
  •      Manufactured by: Kush Seeds

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