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Mako Haze

Manufactured by: Kiwi Seeds

€ 28,00
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If you are a Haze fan you'll love this one. Real sativa growth habit, long elongated branches ... a little longer with the times of the Mako Haze is more than compensated for by the end product. Lovely and smooth, with a good hazy smell, and she is up, up, up for a long ride. All in all very pleasant.

This very nice breeder of cannabisseeds offers super qualitystrains like Tasman Haze, Mount Cook, Mako Haze or the superb and real tasty Alegria. Kiwiseeds began in the year 2002 to save great oldschool-genetics, mainly from New Zealand and the south pacific area. In the land of the Kiwi and Koalas sativas like Haze from the 70s grow absolutely fantastic, there you can find maybe the best outdoor cannabisseeds worldwide. KiwiSeeds took them to Europe to give the grower the possibility to grow this superb weedseeds also in our area. Booth of their strains are very easy to grow bringing amazing results also if you are a indoorgrower - Kiwiseeds is realy special, if you search for outstanding cannabisseeds, this is the right breeder for you.

  • Model: KIW03
  • Manufactured by: Kiwi Seeds

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Kiwi Seeds

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