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Afghan Lemon

     Manufactured by: Khalifa Genetics

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Afghan Lemon by Khalifa Seeds is the best phenotype of one of the best hash plants in the world - it's a refined and stabilized phenotype of the Balk Hashplant, a legendary Afghan landrace! In 2019, the Khalifa team found an outstanding lemony phenotype in a test grow with Balkhi, it was very easy to grow and offered a truly incredible flavor profile, immediately reminiscent of extremely flavorful lemons.

When you touch the plants, they leave behind an extremely citrusy and hashy smell that lasts for several minutes, a delicious mix of lemon and the best old-school hash. Unlike most citrus hybrids, Afghan Lemon smells fresh and natural. It is very different from the candy/chemical lemon scent that many California cannabis strains offer. Afghan Lemon is very easy to grow, the strain is highly recommended for both beginners and experienced gardeners who want to grow indoors or outdoors.

Khalifa Genetics is a small group of ambitious seed breeders who are always on the lookout for unique cannabis strains to breed and pass on to collectors and growers in seed form. Khalifa Genetics only offers stable genetics for sale, so the product range is always manageable and not overly inflated.

In return, the gardener can look forward to very stable and fine genetics, every strain in the breeder's catalog is the result of years of hard work, all cannabis varieties have been stabilized and refined over many generations, so each variety offers an absolute top quality.

The Khalifa collection offers stable IBLs and real F1 hybrids as well as great land races - every single cannabis strain is the result of a cross between various land races or rare strains that have been carefully selected and stabilized over many generations. Kahlifa Genetics is definitely one of the absolute best manufacturers with a very good price-performance ratio!

  • Model: KHA13
  •      Manufactured by: Khalifa Genetics

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