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Banger Glue x Melon

     Manufactured by: Karma Genetics

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Banger Glue x Melon is a real treat: the gorgeous terp profile shows a great, somewhat sour OG fuel combined with delicious pine trees, absolutely delicious sweetness and of course great melons. This strain is easy to grow and super suitable for beginners, the best way to grow Banger Glue x Melon is in a Sea-of-Green, indoors and outdoors.

Banger Glue itself is a cross between Karma Genetics' fantastic marijuana strain Headbanger and the famous GG#4 (also known as Original Glue by GG Genetics), combining the best qualities of both parent strains. This blend has been combined with the delicious Melon (a very high quality oldschool strain from the Overgrow Forum days), and the resulting genetics are an absolute blast! If you're looking for unusual scents, then you've found your keeper with Banger Glue x Melon, it's a really brilliant strain with a difference!

Karma Genetics - OG Biker Kush - top quality from Amsterdam

This breeder of incredible good weedseeds with fantastic medical power is from the Netherlands and was often featured at the High Times Magazine, Skunk Magazine or in the Treating yourself-magazine for the fantastic strains. Karma Genetics offers feminized weedseeds at the terpline as well as regular seeds in their normal line and in the KarmaSquad line. The KarmaSquad is a real cool deal, here you can find incredible genetics especially from oversea with a lot of power and awesome bouquets. But all other seeds produced by this breeder is worth a buy, the mixture of all genetics is quiet good, we highly recommend this breeder, you can not do anything wrong and we are happy to offer these great cannabisseeds at our seedshop.

Karmas Tha Melon - Sour Diesel Bx2 - Sweets and more strains

Karma offers top quality cannabis seeds for years now - there are a lot of superb strains but there a few that should be said here. If you want to get the best seeds for growing a Sour Diesel, the BX 2 by Karma is the real deal. Sour Diesel BX2 offers an amazing power and flavour that you won't find anywhere else. Also the Tha Melon should be on your list if you want a melon taste combined with Biker Kush. And one of the best strains that won the IC420 Cup in Amsterdam and the High Times Cannabis Cup multiple times is called Headbanger, a cross of the Sour Diesel and BikerKush. Serious grower who desires top results should have a look at all the genetics that Karma offers, an amazing quality is guaranteed!

  • Model: KG55
  •      Manufactured by: Karma Genetics

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