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     Manufactured by: Humboldt Seeds

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Lingerie is a cross between Pink Panties and the 3 Kings BHB - this beautiful mix of Indica and Sativa has a very fast vegetative growth and it can get really big and fat. The terpene profile is very tasty, it is a mixture of cloves, pine scents with citrus, cinnamon and earthy aromas. Lingerie is a heavyweight strain and should always be supported, the variety is ideal for a sea-of-green indoors – Lingerie loves dry mediterranean environments, but it is also very disease-resistant and therefore an excellent choice in cooler areas for outdoor growing.

Humboldt Genetics is a breedercollective based in Humboldt County, the central of californians hempindustry. This breedercollective is collecting the best genetics available from all over the world for producing highquality cannabisseeds for the grower and medical users. The philosophy is to go as green as possible so the business is based on sustainable economy practices. They only use organic nutrients so it is guaranteed, that the produced seeds are realy bio. Humboldt Genetics plan to offer very exciting strains in the following years so do not forget to visit this section when you are searching for new stuff.

  • Model: HUM54
  •      Manufactured by: Humboldt Seeds

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