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Blue Strawberries 6 fem

Manufactured by: Holy Smoke Seeds

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These feminized cannabisseeds by Holy Smoke will bring you the incredible fruity strain called Blueberry Strawberry. It is the result of crossing the famous Strawberry Diesel with a superb original Blueberry, this hybrid is very easy to grow and recommended for every grower who loves incredible intensive fruity bouquets. The pallete of smells reminds on very fruity strawberries, blueberries and hints of bubblegum - it is the sweetest strain Holy Smoke Seeds has ever produced with terpeenes of a true isolite champion. 6 fem seeds / pack

The chief breeder of Holy Smoke is called Nick, born in Africa who touched cannabis and weed when he was quiet young. He spent a lot of time working with different types of landraces, he tried to find the best phenotypes for creating new and improved cannabisseeds. As Nick came to Europe he started in breeding Indicas for finding the right parents for the Holy Smoke seeds. Many of his Indicas have benn blowing up on the underground scene, they were crossed with the landraces with amazing results and the party is still going on. These are highly respected cannabisseeds with an amazing quality, Holy Smoke only offers premium hempseeds of highest order.

  • Model: HSS25_FEM6
  • Manufactured by: Holy Smoke Seeds

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Holy Smoke Seeds

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