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Bruce Banner Auto fem

     Manufactured by: Growers Choice

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Bruce Banner Automatic is the much anticipated automatic version of one of the best strains on the cannabis market. Bruce Banner is one of the most loved and absolutely best cannabis strains out there, the aroma is fantastic reminiscent of intensely sour diesel with sweet berry notes, a smell that hits like a bomb. Growers Choice have added the perfect touch of ruderalis to this strain, making Bruce Banner perfect for growing as an automatic as well. She is great for outdoors, greenhouses, for the guerrilla grower and of course indoor growers as well, definitely one of the best auto cannabis strains you can find.

Growers Choice has been on the radar of many growers for many years, the dutch producer of feminized cannabis seeds is always developing new strains and also helps some other big breeders with their work. Growers Choice dates back to 1996, but officially the company started producing seeds for other companies in 2006.

After a few years, however, the guys at Growers Choice wanted more recognition for their hard work and started to sell and promote their strains to the public, and it became a huge overnight success. They have received many thanks from growers from all around the world for providing them with cheap but very high quality genetics. Within a very short time, the range grew and there are always new varieties from Growers Choice on the market. The prices are extremely fair and the quality of each individual variety is always excellent!

  • Model: GRC12
  •      Manufactured by: Growers Choice

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