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Lemon Orange female

     Manufactured by: Greenhouse Seeds

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Lemon Orange by Greenhouse Seeds is the ideal strain for true citrus lovers, a mostly Sativa with a great, sour scent. Crossing the all-time champion Super Lemon Haze with Greenhouse's selection of Clementine (from the Crockett family) offers intensely sweet clementine juice flavours that will make your heart skip a beat. The combination of these cannabis strains has resulted in an amazing blend of lemon and orange flavours, accompanied by a delicate earthy background taken from Super Lemon Haze. The most pronounced terpenes are terpineol, D-limonene and β-caryophyllene.

The plant itself is 70% sativa, it grows nicely structured and very vigorous, with some strong secondary branches that will compete for the top, Lemon Orange is easy to grow and best suited for a sea-of-green. It can be grown indoors, in greenhouses and also outdoors, plus it is a very good plant for beginners.

The Greenhouse Seed Company offers the absolute best cannabis seeds in the world, according to many renowned trade journals. The company is one of the best known seed producers around and definitely the most successful company in the entire cannabis seed industry! Greenhouse Seeds is the winner of countless Cannabis Cups (31 High Times Cannabis Cups, many Highlife Cups and many more private prizes in many countries - the number of prizes changes very quickly by the way, because Greenhouse still dominates the festivals!) with a large number of different feminised cannabis seeds. Arjan (the founder and owner of Greenhouse Seeds, hailed as the "King of Cannabis") is constantly trying, together with his colleagues, to offer the best genetics in the world in seed form to the grower. Strains like White Widow, Exodus Cheese, Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze, The Church or Big Bang are still among the best strains in the world and all other seeds from the manufacturer are absolutely outstanding and highly recommended.

Greenhouse Seeds has specialised in the production of feminised cannabis seeds for some time now, so a nice harvest of the best quality is guaranteed for all gardeners, no matter if they are complete beginners or experienced growers. You can't go wrong with the feminised cannabis seeds from this Dutch stalwart. If you are looking for good seeds at absolutely fair prices, then you can confidently order and grow Greenhouse seeds - you will definitely be satisfied with the quality of the seeds. By the way, the Greenhouse Seed Company also runs a second seedline: under the name Strainhunters, Arjan and his colleagues (unfortunately Franco, one of the founders and comrades-in-arms of Strainhunters & Greenhouse, has since passed away) search the whole world for exotic and unusual cannabis strains in order to make them available to all growers in seed form...

  • Model: GHS98
  •      Manufactured by: Greenhouse Seeds

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