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78 Tenzin #4

     Manufactured by: Green Bodhi

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78 Tenzin #4 is characterised by its absolutely unique aroma, which combines notes of skunk, floral rose and sweetness. It is a cross between the strains Tenzin Kush 4 and OGLA 78, a great and relatively fast and very potent cannabis strain that even inexperienced growers can grow brilliantly. 78 Tenzin #4 is the perfect plant for a sea of green in the indoor and outdoor garden - but care should be taken to ensure good ventilation so that the fat individuals do not start to mould.

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Geen Bodhi Genetics is a true family business that uses purely organic methods in seed production. The breeder has a special genetic record to find out which are the best strains to produce the absolute best and highest quality marijuana seeds. The company is one of the most sought after breeders of cannabis seeds because of the fine genetics of each strain they produce. Green Bodhi specialises in breeding high quality strains, the producer is known for working with different genetics to produce unique and high quality cannabis plants. The focus is often on creating new strains through careful crossing and selection of parent plants.

  • Model: GBS01
  •      Manufactured by: Green Bodhi

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