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The Silver Pearl meets the Blue Widow and sings the blues - Janis pays homage to the legendary singer Janis Joplin, who was (and still is) Bretts best singer of all time. This strain of cannabis is easy to grow and smells fantastic, like a delicate blend of Blueberry and the legendary Original White Widow. Janis is a cross between the Silver Pearl and the Original '96 vintage DJ Short Blueberry x Original Aloha White Widow, both mouth-watering strains. Janis is also not difficult to grow, so it is also very suitable for beginners who are looking for a high-end cannabis strain for indoors and outdoors.

Fleur du Mal has been supplying and breeding excellent quality cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor growers since the year 2001. All genetics are based on classic sativa and indica strains that have been on the market since the earliest days of cannabis breeding. This work has been greatly enhanced by long friendships with some of the best cannabis breeders over the past twenty years, who generously shared their knowledge and genetics with Baudelaire, the longtime breeder and regular curator of Fleur du Mal. FDM offers heirloom and original marijuana varieties in seed form, including Cinderella 88, Sweet Tooth # 4 or Durban-Thai Highflyer C99 - all cannabis varieties with the best scents and the best quality that can be found on the seed market.

  • Model: FDMS02
  •      Manufactured by: Fleur du Mal

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