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Banana Purple Punch Auto fem

     Manufactured by: Fast Buds Seeds

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The majestic Banana Purple Punch Auto by FastBuds belongs to the "highest quality and absolute best autoflower" club on the market. This wonderful strain offers an awesome terpene profile with ripe bananas and various candies, the smell is like you just ate a bag of delicious gummy bears. The plants are also a real eye-catcher: bright orange plants and a beautiful mix of purple, pink and magenta tones.

Banana Purple Punch Auto is very easy to grow and without much effort will reveal her indica parentage and what she is capable of. This auto strain can grow up to 1.2m tall and thrives in all environments!

The Fast Bud Company is a producer of highly grated automatic cannabisseeds, founded in the year 2010 in Spain with the goal, to offer every grower fantastic automatic genetics with amazing quality. This breeder has many different and superb strains like Girl Scout Cookies Automatic, LSD25, Pineapple Express or Northern Express - all of them are easy to grow so recommended for the beginner as well. Fast Bud cannabisseeds can be grown outdoors, in greenhouses and indoors, they are always easy smelling superb and quiet exceptional. This breeder shows how a good seed should be so grap your own fast bud weedseed.

  • Model: FAS58FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Fast Buds Seeds

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