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La Rica female

     Manufactured by: Elite Seeds

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La Rica is a cross of the classic Skunk with a very strong smelling Afghan - this hybrid is smelling exceptionally fruity reminding on a combination of melons and beautiful forest strawberries. Recommended for indoors but also worth a try if you have a greenhouse, you can expect results over the average that you will love if you are a fan of fruity Indicas.

Elite Seeds Seed Bank - amazing breeder of best strains

The Spanish company Élite Seeds is a breeder that offers very high quality feminised seeds with great THC content and moderate flowering time. The company was founded in 2007 with the aim of producing only the best cannabis strains in seed form and making them available to the grower. Elite Seeds recognised the importance of medicinal cannabinoids early on, and from the beginning tried to deliver not only high THC, but also the best possible C.B.D. content. The selection of different cannabis strains is large and it also includes the most appreciated scents, including fruity, earthy and also very spicy smells. Elite Seeds offers sativas and indicas from all over the world and the breeder offers really great cannabis strains that should not be left untried.

Some of the best strains from Elite Seeds are Bestial Skunk, a mix of the Skunk and Llimonet, two strains that go all out in the cross and have a lot of THC to offer. Then there is the great Blue Elite Indica, a cross between Mota-Khan-Afghana and Bluemoon, which also won the HighTimesCup. 

The breeders at Elite Seeds also offer C.B.D. genetics, CBD-rich strains such as Llimonet Haze Ultra CBD, which has a special and very tasty lemon aroma with lots of cannabidiol. There is also an autoflowering strain called Dark Rose Auto CBD, which is very easy to grow. The breeder also offers feminised seeds of Meganuska, Juanita la Lagrimosa C.B.D. or La Katana - high quality seeds that you can order at Cannapot.

  • Model: ELI13FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Elite Seeds

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