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Don Gelato Auto

     Manufactured by: Don Avalanche Seeds

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Don Gelato Auto by Avalanche Seeds is an extremely successful hybrid variety, that was crossed from the two legendary varieties Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This automatic indica-dominant strain (55% indica) can be grown indoors and outdoors - the plants are also very easy to grow. The aroma convinces with the fantastic mix of lavender, citrus, berries and woody notes.

Don Avalanche Seeds is an Andalusian team of English, Spanish and German cannabis enthusiasts who are specialized in the breeding the best high quality cannabis seeds possible. Don Avalanche's history dates back to 1978 when the founding members laid the foundation for weed seed research. For decades, the breeder collective has researched in the "breeder's paradise" under the southern Spanish sun and made optimal use of this perfect climate to constantly improve genetics and create some of the best marijuana strains on this planet. Don Avalanche is very proud to present the gardeners and collectors with the latest selection of extremely high quality seeds.

  • Model: DA06
  •      Manufactured by: Don Avalanche Seeds

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