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Azure Haze

     Manufactured by: DJ Short

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A cross of the Bay Area origin clone Silver Haze with the famous stretch-indica Blueberry by DJ Short. This is a vigorous hybrid which is easy to grow with high medicinal power. Ideal for the experienced as well as for the novice grower. The smell is very fruity - a mix of melon and berry with evergreen notes. Once again a great strain by DJ Short.

DJ Short - inventor of Blueberry - Moonshine Haze and Flo

Wow, this is one of the most famous and one of the best weed seed breeders ever - DJ Short is producing superb hempseeds since the early 1970s with great success. He is breeding some of the most unique cannabisstrains you can find on planet earth. For example the fantastic Blueberry, a great indica, which is marked as one of the best strains ever. All his strains have unique smell and a great medical power and they are for sure hempseeds for the real cannabisseur. Beside Blueberry DJ Short also offers Flow (aka Flo) which is also one of the most estimated strains ever as well as Vanilluna or Azure Haze. All seeds are pure organic so you can be sure that you get the best available.

  • Model: DJ_07
  •      Manufactured by: DJ Short

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